I’m pleased to announce I signed a deal to turn three of my properties into IP powerhouses. Legends Parallel, Pestilent, and Bob: Sins of the Son are all signed to Nerdanatix out of Texas. They are all being developed with an eye towards video games, animated films or series, and possible live action vehicles.

Legends Parallel is a 12 issue comic book series (2 issues currently in print) dealing with the life of Tom Hill, an African-American billionaire who moonlights as a superhero. His company has discovered parallel earths. Far from being a joyous discovery it’s quickly learned there is a super-being living between the dimensions who wishes to rule them all. Now it’s up to Tom, his mom, and her lover, to save the Earths. No one said this shit would be easy.

Get your copies today. Rated “M” for Mature.

Pestilent is a graphic novel set in a far future galaxy where Earth is nothing but a memory. In this universe humans scour the galaxy for “ash,” a substance made from the remains of, recently dead, aliens. It gives them tremendous health and long lives. It also earned them the hatred of billions of aliens. The story revolves around the rebel aliens fighting to eliminate the human scourge once and for all and how they pin their hopes on Ave & Edum, two humans who defected to hide on Earth. This may, or may not, have been a good idea. Rated “M” for Mature.

Bob: Sins of the Son is a serialized comic book dealing with the adventures of Bob. He’s your typical rebellious youth who happens to be older than America and the son of Death. Bob decides to bend some rules so a little girl can escape his clutches and sets off a series of events around the world. There are people who want to ensnare him to study him and learn how to cheat death. There are others who just want him arrested and those who would love to have him as their friend. None seem to have his interests in mind. Rated “M” for Mature.