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McRockin’ & McRollin!

Newsletter Posted on Tue, February 25, 2020 08:26:09

Good Morning Everyone!

The Legends Parallel graphic novel has taken of a bit of a life of its own. Which makes this all fun. It also makes it a full one hundred pages as opposed to the ninety-six we planned. Above and beyond the high rez versions of the comics, fan art, concept art, and generally cool stuff, we’re adding a photo-shoot from Phystee “The Model” Brown, as opposed to Phystee “The Random Lady I met in Church” Brown like I originally wanted. Just kidding. By the way, it’s pronounced Feisty. And, for the record, I’ve known Phystee for a bit. I knew I wanted her, and no one else, to be a part of this. She’s been one of our biggest supporters, has become a true friend, and looks amazing naked.

If you don’t believe me, just check out this, mildly NSFWvideo teaser for the graphic novel.

So, for these next four days, and for these four days only, you can pre-order your copy of the graphic novel for $20.00 (USD) and get free shipping anywhere in the U.S.,I might lose money on Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and the rest, but it’s worth it. 

You’re worth it.

All you have to do is email me directly at, and I’ll shoot you an invoice, It’s that simple. Every order will be dropped shipped directly from Valor Printing so you’ll have your copy before the stores that carry us or anyone else. 

If you want it autographed, I can do that, it’ll just take a little more time.

More below.

Speaking of awesome comics, and Legends Parallel is an awesome comic if you missed the memo, all of the Hadithi Sambamba titles have been getting some serious love. Five of the top nine indie comics, as tabulated by Nerdanatix, belong to them. The rankings are based on a combination of views and sales.

You can check out each title, at your leisure, via the links below. I will say this, Hadithi Sambamba puts a lot of effort into getting some of the best artists around. Viewing their work on a phone doesn’t do it justice. Try and find a larger screen if you can.

To read any title, just click on “Chapter” at the bottom of the page you’re at via each link.

Legends Parallel
A man, his mom, and her lover have to save the multiverse

Transgender superhero in Russia

Hybrid Zero: Cassandra and the Changeling Sword
96 year old dead woman is now a teenage shinobi on another world

Ruh Roh Rangers
A, not safe for work, Scooby Doo parody

Hybrid Zero: Jungle Grrl
A nice girl works in a futuristic sex park with her best friend and a dinosaur clone

Hybrid Zero: Juggernaut
Juggernaut, where sex is lauded, violence is taboo, and a family of assassins is our only hope

More below.

I have several flaming bowling balls that I’m juggling, but the big one at the moment, SPLICE: The Novel, is at the editor’s office being edited. Since that’s what editors do, all is well.

The next big one on the list, GOPTRI OF THE MISTS, is also being edited by nice people who probably have created vudu dolls  in my honor. The brain bending prequel/sequel to THE BRITTLE RIDERS has been hailed by pre-readers, but is a nightmare to edit. It has to conform to the existing trilogy plus its own timeline, which is actually two, disparate, timelines, and eventually make sense when it’s all pieced together.

As a friend commented, it’s like a one thousand piece jigsaw puzzle when all the pieces are white.

I’m sorry doesn’t really cover what I owe the editors in this case.

But I do firmly believe it will be worth their effort. 

More below.

Thanks so much for all your support. If anyone is interested in being a featured creator in ICC Magazine, just shoot me an email and I’ll pass your info to the editor.The basic requirements are; (1), upcoming release; (2), press kit; (3), bio; and (4), a willingness to answer pointed questions like “What color socks make you feel sexy?”

As a quick FYI, negotiations are still ongoing for foreign distribution of the comics. Unlike many other indie creators, who tend to be insular crews, there are a lot of people involved here and all have to sign off on the final deal. 

That said, everyone’s still talking and hope springs eternal.

Have a wonderful week and I’ll see you next Tuesday.

Spreading the McLove

Newsletter Posted on Tue, February 18, 2020 08:23:40
Welcome Back!

It’s been a fun week in McSciFi-land, still the multiverse’s weirdest amusement park. This week I was contacted by comic book distributors in two different countries about expanding the McSciFi brand. I’ve received offers for foreign distribution before and all of them would have set us back thousands of dollars with no real way to know if we could recoup. 

These are different.

And, because they’re different I’m paying closer attention.

Close enough to sign non-disclosure agreements and start looking at numbers.

The one question they each had was “How are you doing on Nerdanatix?” That’s a question that comes with verifiable answers, so it’s a good one. When you see the graphic immediately beneath this paragraph, you’ll understand why they were impressed and why we’re talking.

More fun below.

As long as we’re talking comics, this is a great time to remind you that Hadithi Sambamba is offering free shipping on any pre-orders of the, now 100 pageLegends Parallel graphic novel which is dropping on March 1, 2020. The graphic novel will have all three issues of the comic released thus far, plus fan art, character designs, unlettered covers, hat tips to the models who posed to help us define the characters, and an exclusive photo layout featuring Phystee Nicole Brown, the woman who became the avatar for Oshun in the comics. Or Oshun became her avatar. Either way works.

CLICK HERE for a heart stopping, mildly NSFW, video of the whole affair.

Legends Parallel is the perfect series for people who thought that quantum physics wasn’t violent, or sexy, enough.

You can place your order simply by emailing

More below.

In non-comics news, SPLICE is heading to the editor this week, which is slightly ahead of schedule, but not enough for anyone to relax. GOPTRI OF THE MISTS is being edited, but that one’s going to take a bit. Besides bending the English language in directions it was never intended to bend, there’s also a ton of science that needs to be vetted. Even so, we’re moving forward.

When I get these two completely off my desk, I’m going to circle back to THE KIND: FROM CHICAGO TO CHICAGO. That’s going to be a look at the Chicago music industry from 1978 to 1984, focusing on one band that everyone, including me, thought was going to be the next major label signing. 

How and why that didn’t come to pass is a fascinating story and one that I look forward to sharing with you.

More below.

Lastly, I know everyone likes to save a buck when they can. Right now, until February 24, you can get 15% off anything in any of my stores. Just head over to Bill McSciFi or Legends Parallel to take advantage of this offer. 

Impress your friends, belittle your enemies, and look cooler than any pseudo-human you meet. Not even the lizard people, in their human suits, will look as good as you.

See you next week!

I’ve Been a Busy McMoFo

Newsletter Posted on Tue, February 11, 2020 08:59:00

The McMoFo at Mickey D’s.

A half pound of meat, slathered in whatever that sauce is they have, with a bucket of fries, no substitutions, and a Red Bull.

Okay, I’m being silly, but with good reason. Last week, Wednesday through Saturday, I went on an absolute tear and finished formatting SPLICE into a novel. The only problem with me doing that is I tend to forget to eat, bathe, or otherwise take care of myself. Suffice it to say, I hit the hay at 6:00 PM on Saturday and didn’t move until 6:00 AM on Sunday. 

So, I put it away for a couple of days, to clear my head, and will hit it again on Wednesday to start adding in all the little touches that make books worth reading. You know, whimsical things like adjectives, descriptions, object names …. the usual stuff.

Don’t go anywhere, there’s more cool stuff below.

Just because I wasn’t working on SPLICE doesn’t mean I stopped writing. No sirree bub, I threw letters at the screen and got some to form words for different reasons. ICC Magazine is screaming out of the gate in 2020 and has plans involving global domination. Or bourbon. Both if everything goes right.

Which means I got cut loose from my leash and tossed into the world with the sole mission to get interviews with famous indie creators. And, boy oh boy, did I hit pay dirt first try. 

Cara Nicole, a/k/a AZ Power Girl, is an  internationally renowned cosplayer, creator, colorist for some legendary comic brands, and much more. She also rescues doggies and likes tacos. Plus, and this made our editor happy, she shared some exclusive info with us that no one else will have.

Look for a lot more in ICC Magazine this year and beyond. 

Some amazing silliness below.

Now for a fun story.

A couple of weeks ago a group of young women, who band together under the moniker “Naughty Asians,” ran across Hybrid Zero (NSFW) and decided it was the coolest thing that was ever known as a cool thing. Partly due to Cyril’s Japanese influenced art, partly due to the salacious content, partly for the stories, and partly just because. Plus, the fact that Hybrid Zero is a multiverse where consensual sex is lauded, violence is taboo, and a family of assassins may be the future’s only hope, seems to fit their vibe.

One plot has a ninety-six year old woman trapped in the body of a teenage ninja who has a singing sword on an alternate Earth, and another takes place on a rebuilt Earth which has a sex park with dino clones. Really, there’s something for everyone.

So, they followed Cyril and me on Twitter, shared our posts, found old posts and shared them too, and just had themselves a wonderful time. Which has led the Twitter algorithm to go apoplectic and fill my feed with numerous other young, Japanese, women I should know. 

While not really something I need at this point in my life, I do have to admit that it’s all been great fun. The ladies are polite, funny, and love scifi. Plus, they are sending hundreds of new people to our page every day. You really can’t ask for more out of new fans.

More below.

I think that’s enough sexy time for everyone. I don’t want anyone to fall over, twitching in ecstasy. 

I have to admit that, while 2019 was fine, 2020 is shaping up to be Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. With an extra dollop of expialidocious.

Thanks for all your support and I’ll see you next week!

Happy McMorning!

Newsletter Posted on Tue, February 04, 2020 08:50:28
Good Morning Everyone!

Starting on a happy note, I recently had a series of tests done on my heart and have now had it confirmed that I, and the occasional cockroach, will be the only thing left standing after someone drops the bomb. Or, as my doctor put it, “You’re healthy.” 

So, that’s good news after spending a month and  a half thinking I’d had a heart attack.

In other good news, I can finally tell you about the awards that Hybrid Zero and Legends Parallel are eligible for. We qualified for The Eisner Awards, which are comic book equivalent of a Grammy or an Oscar.  Whether we make it to the next round or not, the fact that we have come this far, in such a short time, is a testament to the hard work put in by Hadithi Sambamba and all its creators.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that we put out some high quality stuff.

If you haven’t checked them out, you should. Both series are rated “M” for Mature.

Hybrd Zero
3 titles

The Hybrid Zero multiverse is set in the far future where sex, in all its consensual iterations, is celebrated and violence is taboo.

Juggernaut: A family of genetically modified assassins must save the multiverse from a transdimensional monster. Or not. It all depends on their mood.

Cassandra and the Changeling Sword: A 96 year old woman is trapped ion the body of a teenage ninja on an alternate Earth is forced to battle her evil clone. The hooker with a degree in engineering is just a bonus.

Jungle Grrl: Set in a future Brazil, on a rebuilt Earth, Jungle Grrl follows the adventures of the titular character, her bestie, and their pet dino clone as they work in a sex park for an alien Cattipuss.

Legends Parallel
The graphic novel is coming March 1, 2020

The story for people who think that quantum physics isn’t violent, or sexy, enough. Based on the formulas of Hugh Everett, III, the books posit that the multiverse was formed at the big bang and not all resulting Earths evolved humans. There are, however, five which have and this story is about the one woman who wants to rule them all and the man, his mom, and her lover, who must stop her.

No one said this shit would be easy.

If you pre-order the graphic novel prior to March 1, shipping in the US is free.

More below.

In other news, I just passed the 50,000 word mark on SPLICE. That means two things; (1), I’m halfway done, and (2), that’s a lot of words.

The novel is already different that the film. Stuff that works great on screen can be dull as hell to read. And visa versa. Which means there are now scenes in each which are exclusive to each. That’s fine, but knowing I wrote the script some people seem to assume all I’m doing is reformatting it and adding a couple of adjectives. 

Those people are wrong.

What’s fun, as a writer, is being able to explore the characters from different angles. If I want to do a deep dive into something, that would be a waste of time in a movie, I can do it now. And I have taken full advantage of that opportunity. 

Since you’re such an amazing human, allow me to share another snippet from the novel.

Omaha wasn’t nearly as exciting as a rusty sign may have portended. Then again, not much of Nebraska lent itself to the word “excitement.”

The young boy looked around and tried to take in his surroundings. His black skin was already earning him hard looks so blending in wasn’t really an option. He also had to deal with the fact he was hungry again and no one was going to believe a little black kid just happened to have a fifty dollar bill.

Well, shit.

He slid down an alley behind a restaurant and was rewarded with some decent food. Cooked and everything. Even had some spice.

Well, “spice” according to Nebraska’s culinary standards, he guessed.

More below.

As always, if you’d like an autographed copy of anything I have, just ask. I sell everything for retail plus shipping. I have copies of most everything I’ve released except for a couple of foreign anthologies. And, if it’s vitally important for you to have one of those, I can figure something out.

Also, lest ye forget, there’s also a ton of cool gear you can festoon yourself, as well as your friends and family, with just by clicking THIS LINK and having a credit card handy. 

Festoon’s a fun word.

Thanks for reading along, you are truly a blessing to me. I’ll see you next week.

Happy McTuesday!

Newsletter Posted on Tue, January 28, 2020 09:42:51

Welcome newbies!

Last week I shared some of my writing. Apparently many people did not realize you could just CLICK HERE to get free samples any time you wished. It also caught me off guard that there are people following along who haven’t actually read anything I wrote. I guess they just like the gear

To be fair, it is some pretty awesome gear.

Or, who knows, they could be newsletter groupies.

Since I’m currently in four anthologies, including a bestseller on Amazon, I figured I’d share snippets from each to whet your collective appetites.

Hank & Eddy: Bro Wars
#1 Best Seller on Amazon in 3 categories for four weeks
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: The classic tale and an anthology of twists, retellings, and sequels

The blood splatter was exquisite. Some might say it was Jackson Pollock-esque. Not him, of course, he hated being compared to amateurs. Mere dabblers in paint. They would never understand true art. The intestines, laid magnificently about the room, heightened the breathtaking effect. The organs, formerly wasted on banal functions, were now delicately framed in the lighting and provided the shadowy burlesque the scene demanded.

No gallery on Earth had such a splendid display.

George – (originally “Breasts in Space”)
Just A Minor Malfunction…: issue #5 – November 2019

Any sense of personal pride had died when she’d taken Edgar as a client. Breasts in Space: The Mongolian Panties Affair had killed any glimmer of moral superiority. Along with her life as a respected editor and publisher. She was now an agent of Satan. Well, maybe not Satan, but certainly one of his more prolific demons.

She had published three critically-acclaimed, if poorly-read, literary magazines. She’d published Edgar on a bet. She’d claimed there were, despite varying popular trends, lows to which readers would not descend. That there were standards which still applied.

She’d been proven spectacularly wrong.

Sci-Fi Lampoon Autumn 2019

Day fucking 4. Today the medicos said that I need extra care. The same goes for J’Hannz. He’s getting a cadet from the local military academy. Good for him. Me? I’m getting a nun from the local priory, Our Lady of Christ’s Mercy. They are some sort of Jesuit order that counts 4 humans among their members. I guess they are afraid of more cross contamination. 

That may have been a joke. I’m not sure. 

Either way, I get what they mean. Even so, a fucking nun? What the fuck am I going to talk about with a fucking nun? 

Hey Sister, ever been bar hopping on Jashey 3? Know any good porn sites? 

This is really going to suck.

Korzac: Nördicon of Dern
Planet Scumm Volume 1

Korzac: Nördicon of Dern, Most High Admiral of the Fleet of Reverential Destiny, Honorary Moon God of the Exalted Planet Cloorbius, Holder of the Scepter of Gloptium Prime, Wielder of the Sword of Infinite Cuts, Prime Mate of Nizbo, Progenitor of Hazna, Quizbo, and Yath, Prime Mate of Ilxhan, Progenitor of Ooklsa and Horth, Prime Mate of Unquin, Progenitor of Jaexx, Wongaloo, Hipth, Sarf, and Tronk, Secondary Mate of Kandok, Junhre, Lorpa, and Krad, sat hacking into his claw like a skiggling zak.

The Dernian armada needed him to be focused and, for the most part, he was. His Vice Admiral, Oxlis, was a fine mind in his own right and made sure Korzac stayed on top of his game. And he hadn’t become Nördicon by having bad game.

More below.

I can’t really share samples of my comic scripts. Eighty percent of them are nothing but directions to the artist, comments on the action needed, and then some dialogue. Useful and fascinating if you’re the artist. Not so much so for anyone else. It’s akin to seeing how sausage is made.

Not pretty.

That said, Hadithi Sambamba has some awesome news on two of its titles.

The graphic novel for Legends Parallel is now complete and with the printer.Twenty US dollars, plus shipping, gets you a copy of all ninety-six pages of coo coo coolness. If you thought quantum physics wasn’t violent, or sexy, enough, we fixed that.

Plus, and this is just more fun than you may be able to take, Cyril Brown is releasing the brain bending, NSFW, universe of Hybrid Zero online as a giant web comic.  You can read it for free and then, and you know you will do this, order a hard copy of the magazine sized masterpiece for your private collection. This is a comic only the internet would allow, until now.

Just email if you want to order anything and I’ll hook you up.

More below.

Okay, that’s enough for today. I wouldn’t want you to overdose on awesomeness. I’m not even sure if insurance covers such a thing. Oh well, better safe than sorry.

For those who’ve asked, yes, I’m still writing the novelized version of SPLICE. And, while I’ve been slaving away on that, they’ve been working  hard on attracting investors. Both aspects have been moving along well, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Thanks for sticking around.

See you next week!

Good McMorning Everyone!

Newsletter Posted on Tue, January 21, 2020 09:14:31

Welcome Newbies!

It’s been a busy McWeek here in McSciFi land a/k/a The World’s Weirdest Amusement Park. Turning SPLICE: The Movie into SPLICE: The Novel has proved to be an interesting challenge. There are things which look amazing on screen but are excruciatingly dull to read. Contrariwise, there are delightful side roads you can wander in a book that would infuriate an audience. Of course, in SPLICE, those side roads are often bloody and dark. So that’s fun.

Anyway, since a few of you have asked if there was any way to get a preview of the book, the answer is yes, and I’m including a snippet here. I’ll provide author review copies, upon request, after it’s edited, which will be a couple of months from now. I need to finish writing before it can be edited.

Until then, welcome to the world of Lillian Goldsmith. Hotel owner, part time prostitute, and full time realist.

She treated herself to another shot and happened to glance up just in time to see two tough looking men carefully ascending the back stairs.

She grabbed her dime store binoculars and knew immediately they weren’t cops. Fine by her, she wasn’t a fan of the pigs anyway. A second look at their guns told her all she needed to know.

She was going to be shy one guest.

Oh well, they’d all paid in advance so no skin off her nose.

She saw two flashes in two sixteen and smiled. Robby Castelano thought he’d been slick, signing in as Tommy Hilfiger, but she’d recognized him from his numerous appearances on the real news. Word was he flipped.

Had. Past tense was clearly the correct tense now.

She watched the two men walk casually back down the stairs and smiled widely now. Clearly professionals, they weren’t going to bother her at all.

She glanced back up and saw they’d left the door open.

That was good news. 

Now she didn’t have to find the body. She could wait for the inevitable screams, call the cops, and play as innocent as a politician in the middle of a brothel.

“Why no, officer, how would I know what was happening here? I swear the schedule said ‘Youth Groups for Jesus.’”


“You mean he wasn’t the real Tommy Hilfiger? Well, he paid cash in advance and had ID. What was I supposed to do?”

You’re welcome. I’ll provide updates when I can but, for now, just be assured this bad boy is coming to life.

More below.

In other exciting news, GOPTRI OF THE MISTS is in the capable hands of Azoth Khem’s editing team. “What’s GOPTRI OF THE MISTS?”, you ask politely. Well, it’s a collection of notes I had left over from when I wrote THE BRITTLE RIDERS. While that series was set in North America, the events depicted were global. After all, you can’t write about the death of every man, woman, and child on the planet if you’re not using the whole planet.

Think of it this way, this book is the answer to the musical question no one asked; “What would happen if The Brittle Riders was set in India?” Unlike TBR, Goptri doesn’t change grammatical tenses based on the personal philosophies of the characters involved. Although, you have no idea how relieved I was people understood what I was doing and enjoyed it. Also, unlike TBR, there ‘s no defined hero, just a prominent, and lethal, villain.

Look, if you wanted normal you wouldn’t be following me. Here’s a snippet from GOPTRI OF THE MISTS to help you get by. Say hi to Rama Llandhaven, the undisputed Sovereign of Dravida.

As one of the four simian brands made by Rohta, he felt his Rumel brand was the most handsome. He slicked his facial hair, using a lightly scented pomade, and tightened his cravat. He walked down the hall, as he did after every breaklight, paid perfunctory – if insincere, homage at the various hallway shrines, and greeted his staff. He’d learned through many Suns of trial and error that treating the help with some semblance of respect garnered him more obsequious service than threats did. So, to get what he wanted, he was nice to the cretins.

He stepped out onto the balcony as an aide handed him his one new obsession, a cup of mint tea from the Shin-Sen, and smiled at the clear blue skies.  Grishma was his favorite season; clean and dry. While his staff worked to prepare the table for his first meal of the turn he nodded his appreciation to them as he suddenly felt something tweak his forehead. 

Then he felt the back of his head disappear.

Then he felt nothing at all.

Oh, yeah, a lot more individualized death in this than in TBR.

I mean, LOTS more.

More below.

Lastly, I’ll remind you that THE BRITTLE RIDERS is coming out as an omnibus edition. That means you can have 1200 pages of coo-coo coolness you can use to impress your friends, or bludgeon your enemies. Seriously, it will make a great weapon.

Since the release of Book 1 in 2016, this series has been on many adventures, led to more fascinating stories, and made my life kind of fun. Not many authors can say they got ripped off by Russian trolls and then ended up a wanted human in Russia for perverting their morals.Go ahead and read that again. I’ll wait.

The stuff they stole, and resold, didn’t meet their moral code, and that’s my fault.

Fuck Russia.

In the meantime, thanks for sticking around. I hope you have an amazing week full of unicorn farts and singing angels.

See you next week.

McFun Shall Be McHad

Newsletter Posted on Tue, January 14, 2020 09:11:33
Welcome Back!
There is a certain amount of joy hidden in the act of being me. I find that, one way or the other, people pay attention to what I’m doing more and more. Since I make my living throwing letters at computer screens and praying for words, the more people paying attention, the better. But, sometimes, when people pay attention they become horrified and stare blindly into the void wondering what the hell just happened.

Recently, Cody’s Comic Chat, posted a Facebook video reviewing my comics. Now, Cody and his wife are great people, and do a lot for the indie community, but none of that prepared them for me. If you click the link you’ll see two normal Floridians trying to parse McSciFi into socially acceptable words. They were so taken aback that they never, not even partially, mentioned my name. I’m the Lord Voldemort of comics it seems. If you don’t want to click the link I can sum it all up thusly; the art is awesome, the stories are great, the author is a pervert.

I’ve been called worse.

Now, moving on to some non-trauma inducing news.

As everyone who’s anyone knows, every Friday I team up with the legendary Ryan Gatenby and record an  episode of the Big Wakeup Call, as heard on WBIG, and ride that thin line between terrorizing and enthralling listeners. Well, we’re taking our show to a larger stage, and giving it the catchy name Bill & Ryan’s Science Chit Chat.

This will be a weekly podcast poking into the latest scientific discoveries, the various governmental whims that stymie them, and we’ll conduct interviews with real scientists, famous authors, and more. This will, literally, be more fun than a barrel of monkeys and you’ll even learn why having a barrel of monkeys isn’t such a good idea.

Even cooler? We’ve already got our first sponsor. The nice people over at Antlur Creative Marketing, designers of our cool new logo and more, have jumped on board. Since they work with some of the hottest brands in the Midwest, they know a good thing when they see it, and they saw it here.

If you’d like to jump on board too, just email me at and I’ll send you rate sheets. Ads can run from fifteen seconds to one minute.

More below.

Last week, I mentioned there was some cool stuff happening over at Hadithi Sambamba. And there is. Two of its most popular titles, Hybrid Zero and Legends Parallel, have been deemed eligible for a series of national awards. I won’t name them now as I’d rather hold off until we get a formal nomination, fingers crossed, but just getting someone to admit we exist at that level is incredible.

2020’s shaping up to be a big year for Hadithi Sambamba. While the name is Swahili for Parallel Stories, there is just one narrative coming out; this is the year Hadithi Sambamba will go big. There will be new issues coming out on the two monster titles, as well as new titles you’ve never seen. There’s even going to be, limited edition, graphic novels for Hybrid Zero: Juggernaut and Legends Parallel. Good news for those traumatized by me is that other authors will be joining the fray, and they are welcomed with open arms. Just click on Hadithi’s link to see everything.

More below. 

I think that’s enough excitement for now. I know some of my fans take heart meds and I wouldn’t want to lose them. On a fun note, I’ll be teaching three more adult-ed classes at our church starting in March. When the dates get closer I’ll post them and you are all invited to drop by if you can. We have free coffee and snacks, in case you need a better reason.

Thanks again for all your support! Have a great week and I’ll see you next Tuesday.

Welcome McBack

Newsletter Posted on Tue, January 07, 2020 09:22:11
Welcome New Subscribers!
First off, hello to all the new people who signed up via the website over the holidays. Now’s as good a time as any to remind everyone I don’t sell, or share, any of my email lists. If you get an offer for porn, or time shares, or anything not directly related to McSciFi, in my name, please let me know so I can take action. 

I’m hoping you all had a wonderful holiday season. Kim and I did family stuff upon family stuff and then kicked off the New Year by staying home. There’s a lot to be said for quiet cuddle time. I highly recommend you try it.

2020 is shaping up to be an amazing year for me. Due to the insane workload I’m going to have to cut back on my convention appearances. But I’ll still be out and about for you to wander by and say hi. We have a couple confirmed and will add a few more. I’ll update you as the dates get closer.

Now, on to the fun stuff!

As promised, I now have copies of THE EDGAR ALLAN POE CHRONICLES in stock and you can order autographed copies directly by responding to this email or writing to My version of THE OVAL PORTRAIT, with art by Brian “Bigger Lion” Daniel, has been a crowd favorite. Other artists in the collection include people who’ve worked on THOR, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, IRON MAN, and many more. I tell people it’s like reading jazz. Just like the best musicians vamping over your favorite riffs and turning  them into something new and wonderful, so it is here. The best of the best were cut loose to do whatever they wanted, and the results are awesome.

More below.

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: The classic tale and an anthology of twists, retellings, and sequels – This book contains the original version of the tale by Robert Louis Stevenson plus a diverse group of authors providing their own takes on the classic. This debuted at #1, on Amazon, in two Y/A categories, on Black Friday and stayed there for four solid weeks. My story, HANK AND EDDY: BRO WARS takes an odd look at it all, and provides a bit of a surprise. 100% of the net proceeds go to Deaf Blind International

Just a Minor Malfunction – Issue #5 – This is a collection of some of the best, up and coming, sci-fi writers in the world … and me. My story, GEORGE, was originally titled BREASTS IN SPACE. It’s a satirical look at the current Young Adult market and features actual samples of what happens when an artificial intelligence attempts to write GAME OF THRONES. Yeah, it’s as twisted a you’re hoping.

Sci-Fi Lampoon Autumn 2019 – This highly anticipated debut  of, what will be, an ongoing anthology series, features works from me and G.D. Deckard, Jeffrey G. Roberts, David Perlmutter, Stephanie Barr, G. Dean Manuel, John H. Dromey, a. stump, Boris Glikman, Ian K. & Christopher Scalzi, Stephen McQuiggen, Mike Van Horn, Tallis Steelyard, Richard Dalglish, Joseph Darlington, Rodney Milton, and Margret Treiber. My story, VORBLISS, is the most fun you can have with a psychic nun and a fatal disease and is not a good idea to give to younger, or more sensitive, readers.

Get all three of these and impress your friends with how much cooler you are than them.

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Good news for fans of KORZAC: NÖRDICON OF DERN, it’s been re-released in the new PLANET SCUMM anthology. Korzac’s just this dude who’s fighting off the flu, trying not to have sex with his lieutenant, and hoping to save the galaxy. You know, typical Tuesday stuff. The anthology features some of the hottest new sci-fi writers from all over the world. It’s the perfect addition to any library, personal or public.

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I’ll have some exciting news from Hadithi Sambama to share over the next couple of weeks, you East Coast peeps might want to pay close attention, and I’ll  update you on the progress of SPLICE as it nears completion. The novelization of the script I wrote is turning out amazing and I can’t wait for you to read it.

In the meantime, I want to thank you for following along and hope that you’ll enjoy the nightmares I’ll share this year as much as you’ve enjoyed the ones that are already lodged in your brains.

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