While this blog is festooned with links to free stuff it seems that it might be a touch easier for folks if I put them all in one place. So, here we go.


A Letter from An Editor
– Winner of a 2013 Sci-Fi Editors’ Choice award. A young, mentally challenged, man receives a rejection letter and ends up spawning an interplanetary war.

The Space Clowns of Zoimba Prime – What could possibly be happier than a space circus with nuclear warheads? A clown named Slappy McClownDick might be the answer.

Twerking for Jesus – She wanted to do something fun with her family. Instead she summoned Chtulhu. Features a mandatory appearance on the Ellen Show (not authorized by any breathing beings).

Fourteen Frogs – You’re worried about the Illuminati. I’m worried about who runs the Illuminati.

And The Beat Goes Phut – A DJ witnesses the apocalypse while sharing a drink with the terrorist who started it. The first story Bill ever had commercially published.

If Thou Art God – Tongei comes to Earth to be its god. That goes about as well as you’d expect.


World Building Tips  – A look at creating believable universes for your characters to inhabit. Bill was voted one of the Best World Builders by Science Fantasy Hub.

Checking Egos at the Door  – A look at the phrase “Do you know who I am” as interpreted by someone who doesn’t give a fuck.

World News Center – The home of all Bill’s nonfiction writing about science, pop culture, and bizarre holiday traditions. It provides the source material for his weekly appearances on The Big Wakeup Call with Ryan Gatenby on WBIG.

Science Fantasy Hub (Our Pigeon Overlords) – How to modify the human genome so people can grow usable wings. And, no, Bill wasn’t drunk when he wrote this.


Some Like it Hot – A  full hour of politics, scifi, and a dive in the history of my sex life all hosted by Nakia Niteshade. Well, be honest, you wouldn’t listen if it was called Some Like it Beige.

Celebrating Chicago’s Local Lit Scene – A fun half hour romp on the amazing Bill Leff & Wendy Snyder Show on WGN Radio.  It covers everything from local lit to why Bill has an arrest warrant open in Russia.

The Birth of Bill McSciFi – How a screw up at Amazon led to a nickname.

Indie Sci Fi Fantasy – Cocaine and cows.

Terance Baker Writes – Apparently Bill works hard and people care.

Zeedub Bezzies – Chaos, cooking, and Iranian lesbians. This one covers some ground.

Genesis Science Fiction Radio (podcast)

Escape the Every Day (Cindy Tomamichael)

Angelic Musings (Aaron Michael Hall)

Galaxy of Authors (J. C. Steele)

Sland, from The Brittle Riders,
interviewed by The Knights of the Science Fiction Roundtable

Eric Klein (hard SF interview)

The ‘bleak’ quote is from a Catholic priest. It should give you an idea of what you’re getting into.