I have been making the rounds and doing interviews with anyone breathing, even allegedly, to pimp The Brittle Riders on the unsuspecting. So, without further ado, here are some interviews with me in case you want to wander into my dark places.

My first interview ever was with Serious Reading. They sent me about one hundred questions and told me to answer ten or so. I did, they liked it, and it got released.

Yay me!

The next one I did was for Planet Scumm for my short story Korzac: Nördicon of Dern. That was actually a voice-to-text interview and it wandered beautifully across random thoughts.

The lovely and talented Fiona McVie interviewed me for her author’s blog and it was a hoot. Most of her interviews are demure and focused. I labor under no such restrictions.

Aaron-Michael Hall was the next person to crawl into my head. Her interview for Desu Beast was a lot of fun and asked some questions off the beaten path. Plus she pimped out our promo for The Brittle Riders which you can ogle below.

Lastly, but not leastly (my blog, my made up words), I got interviewed by J. Michael Stevens for Book Authors Online. Don’t let the bland title fool you, there’s a ton of great stuff up there and that interview covered a bunch of new ground.

Also, while not technically an interview, I updated a lot of business stuff, with fun videos and a great set of soundtracks, over at Black Science Fiction Society. Make sure to have headphones and a large screen. This stuff was designed to immerse you in my cerebellum.

The squishy part, at least.