Here’e the good news, as it were, on the new FCC ruling concerning net neutrality. Breitbart & Fox News, two huge users of bandwidth, will be forced to pay exorbitant fees to stay online. Which means their readers will be charged to cover those fees. Think about $20 a month and you won’t be far off. The same will apply to Occupy Democrats, MSNBC and others. In one fell swoop partisan news would be eliminated.

Amazon, Target, Walmart, Ali Baba, and the rest will get killed by the new fees and go dark, online anyway, as well. No one is going to pay Sears’ prices for Walmart crap. Plus the death of indy publishing is guaranteed. Along with your chance to create that cool personal coffee mug on those vanity sites.

Obviously, as a side note, that means my midget-clown porn fan sites will cost more so regular people like me may be forced to take one for the team.

On a personal note, my author site falls under the radar so you can still go there, waste your money on my writing (there are non-Amazon distribution vehicles coming in 2018), and not incur a surcharge.

Or, to put it simply this holiday season, BUY MY SHIT!