10 Things I Learned at C2E2

1. There is such a thing as puppet porn. And it is glorious.

2. Cosplayers are even cooler when you can talk to them for a bit.

3. Finally meeting people in real life you’ve only known online is fun.

4. Good news for an upcoming anthology I’m in, there is a sizeable cult of Edgar Allan Poe fans who love comics.

5. My feet hurt. Like stabbing pain surrounded by the numbness of death type hurt.

6. I can ruin any pic I am in. Memo to self: Lose some more fucking weight!

7. There are people who seem to like my writing and were not afraid to say so.

8.Legends Parallel has legs. Like serious ones. I was stunned at the amount of people who came to the booth because they already had the book.

9. Clarity Girl seems to have found its voice. It’s going to be fun watching it develop.

10. When McDonald’s is your best food option something is seriously wrong.

11. (BONUS) We’ll do this again.