Short and Sweet Today.

First off, thanks to Watch Dog Entertainment for creating the flyer (below) on behalf of Legends Parallel’s Kickstarter. We knew, going in, that most of our fans already had our stuff so we were going to be enticing new people to come out and support us. So far, it’s been working. Slowly but surely. That said, there are some amazing rewards we’ve never offered the public before, including customized coffee cups and collectors’ cards. Feel free to share the link with all your friends. If we meet our goals we have some incredible stretch rewards sitting in the back room.

Legends Parallel, the perfect story for people who think that quantum physics isn’t violent, or sexy, enough. We’ve fixed that.

Also, the fun folks over at Hadithi Sambamba are proud to announce that Cyril Brown, creator of the eye-popping Hybrid Zero universe, has started a Patreon page so fans can get some of his NSFW pinups, sketches, unreleased art, and more. You can check out Cyril’s latest release, Jungle Grrl, for free at Nerdanatix. Then get over to his Patreon page as quickly as possible so you don’t miss out on anything.

In summation, support the Kickstarter for Legends Parallel, then support the Hybrid Zero Patreon page, then treat yourself to something nice. You’ll have earned it.