Whether you base your information on my real name or my Bill McSciFi nom-de-plum, I’ve been a busy little writer this year. I’ve got two releases out on Nerdanatix, two more in development, and another release, for a different company, running through the inking phase. Legends Parallel – the series for those of you who think quantum physics isn’t violent or sexy enough – continues to earn rave reviews, Svarožič – the story of a woman trapped inside a man and a god trapped inside a human – debuted on Nerdanatix’ top 5 most requested releases and continues to impress. You can click her name to read the 8 page character introduction for free.

Pestilent – the dystopian futurescape wherein humans harvest the essence of dead aliens to increase their life spans – and Bob: Sins of the Son – the son of Death wants to be a superhero, what could possibly go wrong?- are both in the hands of artists.

Hybrid Zero: Jungle Grrl – the story of the galaxy’s oddest amusement park built on a simulacrum of Earth – is an extension of the Hybrid Zero universe created by Cyril Brown. Cyril’s, mostly NSFW, work has been featured in numerous publications and he’s now set to pop on an international scale.

Plus, of course there’s more, my trilogy, The Brittle Riders, has been released as three individual print releases and a complete trilogy digitally. Think of it this way, if David Brin came off a three day tequila bender and dropped acid, he would have written The Brittle Riders. Essentially, after the death of every man, woman, and child on the planet things get a little weird. Apocalypses are funny that way.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled internet.