Welcome to this week’s multiverse.

For the last month we have been running Cyril Brown’s Hybrid Zero #Fanart Contest. The idea was simple enough. You click the link, follow the rules, create your version of one of Cyril’s, eye popping, characters, and get entered for a prize. At that link are free copies of the comics, if you wanted to do a deep dive into our multiverse, character drawings you could use for guidance, and a fun video that gives you an overall feel for the Hybrid Zero line.


We got twenty-eight entries.  That’s good, right? Fourteen were of Batman. Now, this might come as a shock, but no one at Hadithi Sambama Comix owns the rights to Batman. So that was a problem. Eleven more were wildly random Marvel and DC characters, which we still don’t have any rights to, and one was of Sandman. Neil Gaiman may be cool, and he is, but even he would frown on anyone commercially exploiting his properties without his permission. 

That left us with two qualifying entries. So one will get the $50 Amazon Gift card, and both will get posters and featured in the next issue of Hybrid Zero: Juggernaut. We’re going to let the celebrity judges decide who gets the gift card since Cyril and I are Facebook friends with both. And, bonus, we never expected either to enter. Thank God they did or I’d be homicidal. 

Big ups to Esma Kurbegović & Montreal Mack for taking the time to immortalize Arealea (the one in the middle). We’ll announce the winner in two weeks.

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In more “people are stupid” news, a couple of weeks ago I was asked to sell someone a collection of my comics. The stipulation was that I had to add MAGA under my name. Since I have a sense of humor, I agreed. Then I got sent – and this is frighteningly true – a purity test.

I’m proud to announce I failed with all flags flying. Especially the American one. My litmus test is the life I lead, not the boxes I check. And, to be honest, not even I needed $40 that bad.

Anyway, if you’d like my stuff, even if you want MAGA under my sig, I still have some copies left at home. You can just respond to this email with your order and preferred payment method.

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In happier news, people have asked what’s going on with SPLICE and if they’re ever going to see it in a theater. The short answer is yes. When is yet to be decided. Watchdog Entertainment is in the process of securing funding and sifting through possible directors. 

Essentially I’m out of the loop until those details get finalized, but they are moving forward with all due alacrity. What’s exciting is how different SPLICE is going to be from anything else people have seen. Across the board our beta readers gave it an enthusiastic set of thumbs up. And more than one was emotionally drained after reading. Which is what we were going for, so that’s good news.

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In really happy news, Nerdanatix, the home for Hadithi Sambamba Comix, will be launching a brand new website at 5:00 PM (CDT) on October 1, 2019 (i.e., today) which will feature new ordering methods, a way for you to support your favorite titles, just like a Patreon page, and easier ways for stores to place orders directly. 

As always, the first issue of every title is free to read online. If you want to bask in the coolness of some of the best indie titles on the planet, just click THIS LINK and have fun.

Thanks for sticking around and I’ll see you next week!