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While our celebrity judges are crouched in a smoke filled room, sequestered from humanity, until they pick a winner for Cyril Brown’s Hybrid Zero #Fanart Contest, I thought I’d take a moment to announce something fun. As many of you know I teach Sunday School. That’s not the announcement. What you may not know is that a month or so ago, I had a client flame out on me and cause me to lose the only young adult title I had. One that I wanted to share with the kids. One internet conversation led to another and now I’ll have something for the kids, my impending nieces and nephews (I have to marry their aunt first), and the children’s librarian at South Chicago Public Library. She likes me, but my writing terrifies her.

I’m now writing the first series for NEW WAVE COMICS and their CROSS STITCH titles. They’re dedicated to the seven deadly sins (the ones you love and repeat), and aimed at the youth of Earth as morality plays. Since I’m writing them you can rest assured they are not going to be heavy handed missives laden with THOU SHALT NOTS! Nope, they’ll be fun, informative and, if I do my job right, engaging. 

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Another thrilling announcement, that will cause you to quiver in anticipation, is that the 5th issue of, the critically acclaimed magazine, JUST A MINOR MALFUNCTION is live. And, best of all, has a story by me in it. My contribution, THE GREATEST TOLDY EVER STORED, was originally titled BREASTS IN SPACE, and was meant to be a satire of the young adult market. However, if a hundred year old man can have sex with a fifteen year old girl and everyone thinks it’s romantic, the genre may be beyond satire. 

But I gave it a shot anyway. For a mere $2.00 you can get in on the fun.

CLICK HERE to reserve your copy.

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Now, I know that many of you long for those brief, yet sweet, moments when I’m seen in public Or, you just want to say hi. It all works. No matter your reason, I’ll be appearing again at the WHITE OAK AUTHOR FEST on October 19. Last year, because this makes sense in an existential way, I was placed directly between children’s books and Afrocentric Women’s Erotica selections. 

God knows where I’ll be this year, but I’m usually pretty easy to find. I’m tall and I look like me. Also, I’ll have a ton of new stuff. So come on by and wave in my general direction.

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In exciting news, that doesn’t require travel, the nice people over at Nerdanatix have gone above and beyond to help their creators. Like me. They’ve added a section on the bottom of every comic’s page wherein you can donate to support the creators just like a Patreon account. There are some differences, but they are all clearly explained on the site.

Plus, they now are selling hard copies direct, adding more stores as I type, and allowing fans to read everything online for free. Basically, they’ve adopted the porn business model. You can see lots of titillating stuff online but, if you want the good stuff, you gotta pay. Since this seems to be working well, I shall heartily endorse it.

Check out each of my titles below.

Svarozic – A woman trapped inside a man, a god trapped inside a human. Since they’re all one person, she’s got issues. This is a very TEEN FRIENDLY comic. I wrote it to give trans kids a superhero of their own. It’s even got a Gypsy circus. Because every comic set in Russia needs a Gypsy circus.

Juggernaut – Set in the distant future, Juggernaut is the story of a human/alien fusion and her strange family. They live in an era where sexuality, in all its myriad forms, isn’t taboo but violence is. This group of aristocratic soldiers, who just happen to be related, must face down their own petty, in the grand scheme of things, problems and stop a trans-dimensional creature before it destroys the universe. Or not. It really depends on their mood at the time. This is a magazine sized masterpiece that will impress all who see it.

Legends Parallel – This is the perfect comic series for those who think quantum physics isn’t violent or sexy enough. Five earths and one woman wants to rule them all. This is the story of the man, his mom, and her lover who have to stop that from happening

.Jungle Grrl – In a distant future sex is encouraged, violence is frowned upon, and our hero, her bestie, and their dino clone, try to eke out a living in a sex park while figuring out the meaning of life. The existential poetry based on beer should be enough to make you grab this one. There is a limited amount of American Manga sized versions of this. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Ruh Roh Rangers – This is the R-Rated parody that’ll ruin your childhood but make your day. Those four meddlesome kids are now four meddlesome adults. Scooby Dooby Don’t!

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Lastly, I took a bit of a busman’s holiday and … finally … updated my website. It’s got a brand new front page, content updates, direct sales links, and more. I’ll be adding a store wherein you can purchase autographed everything directly but that won’t be live until next week.

But you can still get all the coo coo coolness that is McSciFi merchandise just by clicking that link and having fun. All you need to do is click on the image you like, and you’ll see what items are offered with it. Everything ships directly to you and is made from the highest quality materials we could find.

You’ll be the coolest being, who species identifies as human, around when you wear McSciFi gear.

Thanks for your continuing support and I’ll see you next week.