Welcome New Peeps.
We’re Damn Glad to Have You!

It’s an exciting time to live in McSciFi-Land. Between now and December 1st I’ll be appearing at four different cons scattered across northern Illinois. Plus, and this is too cool not to share, on October 30th I’ll be a featured guest on the Bill and Wendy Show on WGN Radio at 11:30 AM. I’ll post links the week of so you can stream along if you can’t pick up the station. 

But, first, a chance for you to McMeet me. I’ll be at the White Oak Author Fest this Saturday from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM. This is one of only two appearances I do each year in the south suburbs of Chicago. It’s not that I don’t like going there, it’s just that there aren’t that many opportunities for a science fiction writer to head that way.

So, if you’re able to go, please wander over and say hello. Last year I was placed between children’s books and Afrocentric-Women’s erotica. I fit in nicely.

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I’m pleased to announce that the fifth issue of, the critically acclaimed magazine, JUST A MINOR MALFUNCTION has been funded and my story will see the light of day. Thanks to everyone who supported this. 

My story was originally titled BREASTS IN SPACE. Then it was THE GREATEST TOLDY EVER STORED. Now, honestly I have no idea what it will be called. I just know they’re changing the name. So, buy the magazine, find my byline, and read that. Then read the rest because there are some amazing authors in this issue. Actually, there are amazing authors in every issue.

My story is a satirical look at the current Young Adult fiction market. It’s got booze, breasts, and an A/I that was force fed GAME OF THRONES to learn how to write. So it’s perfect for teens.

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In other exciting news, Ryan Gatenby, the host of THE BIG WAKE UP CALL on WBIG, and I are teaming up to bring you an amazing new podcast. Called SCIENCE CHIT CHAT it will feature celebrity guests, breaking news on scientific discoveries, with a focus on medical, and some funny bits. 

Also, since we’ll be on our own, it’ll free us up to talk more about the political ramifications of things like tariffs on medical procedures. If you’re unsure how that all works, CLICK HERE to hear an episode where we addressed how some treatments are being kept from American citizens.

You’ll also learn how to vet TV shows for your kids.

Apparently that’s also a lesson we needed to teach.

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Lastly, the holiday season is rapidly approaching and you wouldn’t want to miss out on the chance to get yourself, and random loved ones, the latest exciting fashion choices. Forget the funky stuff from Milan, or the retro-trash bag look in Paris, here’s your chance to really shine.

You can get all your favorite Bill McSciFi gear just by clicking THIS LINK and busting our your credit card. Everything from T-shirts, to onesies for the kids, to coffee cups and mouse pads. You can festoon your entire home with awesomeness in one visit.

Or, if you’d like a little naughty quantum physics on your bod, I’ve got you covered (as it were). Just CLICK HERE to get all the latest Legends Parallel gear. The variety is stultifying and fun. 

Thanks, and I hope to see you this Saturday.