Good Morning All
& Welcome White Oaks Peeps!

I had a lot of fun at the White Oak Author Fest this year. I made new friends, sold some books, and got stories that will last a lifetime. Feel free to ply me with vodka if you want to hear them.

Next up on the McSciFi Agenda is the SCPL Local Lit Fest. This one is near and dear to my crusty heart. I was able, with the help of Head Librarian Greg Diaz, able to put together a true local lit fest for Chicago. Everything from Constitutional law, to comics, to murder, to mermaids, we’ve got it all.

Even cooler, three of the authors coming, Steve SilverJiba Molei Anderson, and Carlos Jimenez Flores, will be speaking to attendees and answering questions. With subjects ranging from hanging out with Johnny Cash, to how to use graphics as a communication medium, to helping Puerto Rico gain independence, I can promise you won’t be bored. 

Admission is free and I’m reasonably priced.

More below.

A big McSciFi McShout out to Esma Kurbegović, the winner of Cyril Brown’s Hybrid Zero #Fanart Contest. Esma won all the prizes and those are heading to Bosnia to be with her. She will also be featured on a full page in issue #2 of Hybrid Zero: Juggernaut.

She’s a college student who’s trying to earn a living while still being an artist. While a $50 Amazon Gift Card won’t set her up for life, hopefully she’ll be able to get those sexy socks she’s had her eye on.

All silliness aside, congratulations Esma!

More below her winning art.

One fun side note; both times I’ve appeared at White Oak I’ve worn my Brittle Riders shirt and, both times, people went online and bought one for themselves. But not the book. Makes me wonder what it is they think they’re promoting.

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Thanks for reading it all. See you next week!