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Last week I shared some of my writing. Apparently many people did not realize you could just CLICK HERE to get free samples any time you wished. It also caught me off guard that there are people following along who haven’t actually read anything I wrote. I guess they just like the gear

To be fair, it is some pretty awesome gear.

Or, who knows, they could be newsletter groupies.

Since I’m currently in four anthologies, including a bestseller on Amazon, I figured I’d share snippets from each to whet your collective appetites.

Hank & Eddy: Bro Wars
#1 Best Seller on Amazon in 3 categories for four weeks
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: The classic tale and an anthology of twists, retellings, and sequels

The blood splatter was exquisite. Some might say it was Jackson Pollock-esque. Not him, of course, he hated being compared to amateurs. Mere dabblers in paint. They would never understand true art. The intestines, laid magnificently about the room, heightened the breathtaking effect. The organs, formerly wasted on banal functions, were now delicately framed in the lighting and provided the shadowy burlesque the scene demanded.

No gallery on Earth had such a splendid display.

George – (originally “Breasts in Space”)
Just A Minor Malfunction…: issue #5 – November 2019

Any sense of personal pride had died when she’d taken Edgar as a client. Breasts in Space: The Mongolian Panties Affair had killed any glimmer of moral superiority. Along with her life as a respected editor and publisher. She was now an agent of Satan. Well, maybe not Satan, but certainly one of his more prolific demons.

She had published three critically-acclaimed, if poorly-read, literary magazines. She’d published Edgar on a bet. She’d claimed there were, despite varying popular trends, lows to which readers would not descend. That there were standards which still applied.

She’d been proven spectacularly wrong.

Sci-Fi Lampoon Autumn 2019

Day fucking 4. Today the medicos said that I need extra care. The same goes for J’Hannz. He’s getting a cadet from the local military academy. Good for him. Me? I’m getting a nun from the local priory, Our Lady of Christ’s Mercy. They are some sort of Jesuit order that counts 4 humans among their members. I guess they are afraid of more cross contamination. 

That may have been a joke. I’m not sure. 

Either way, I get what they mean. Even so, a fucking nun? What the fuck am I going to talk about with a fucking nun? 

Hey Sister, ever been bar hopping on Jashey 3? Know any good porn sites? 

This is really going to suck.

Korzac: Nördicon of Dern
Planet Scumm Volume 1

Korzac: Nördicon of Dern, Most High Admiral of the Fleet of Reverential Destiny, Honorary Moon God of the Exalted Planet Cloorbius, Holder of the Scepter of Gloptium Prime, Wielder of the Sword of Infinite Cuts, Prime Mate of Nizbo, Progenitor of Hazna, Quizbo, and Yath, Prime Mate of Ilxhan, Progenitor of Ooklsa and Horth, Prime Mate of Unquin, Progenitor of Jaexx, Wongaloo, Hipth, Sarf, and Tronk, Secondary Mate of Kandok, Junhre, Lorpa, and Krad, sat hacking into his claw like a skiggling zak.

The Dernian armada needed him to be focused and, for the most part, he was. His Vice Admiral, Oxlis, was a fine mind in his own right and made sure Korzac stayed on top of his game. And he hadn’t become Nördicon by having bad game.

More below.

I can’t really share samples of my comic scripts. Eighty percent of them are nothing but directions to the artist, comments on the action needed, and then some dialogue. Useful and fascinating if you’re the artist. Not so much so for anyone else. It’s akin to seeing how sausage is made.

Not pretty.

That said, Hadithi Sambamba has some awesome news on two of its titles.

The graphic novel for Legends Parallel is now complete and with the printer.Twenty US dollars, plus shipping, gets you a copy of all ninety-six pages of coo coo coolness. If you thought quantum physics wasn’t violent, or sexy, enough, we fixed that.

Plus, and this is just more fun than you may be able to take, Cyril Brown is releasing the brain bending, NSFW, universe of Hybrid Zero online as a giant web comic.  You can read it for free and then, and you know you will do this, order a hard copy of the magazine sized masterpiece for your private collection. This is a comic only the internet would allow, until now.

Just email BillMcSciFi@gmail.com if you want to order anything and I’ll hook you up.

More below.

Okay, that’s enough for today. I wouldn’t want you to overdose on awesomeness. I’m not even sure if insurance covers such a thing. Oh well, better safe than sorry.

For those who’ve asked, yes, I’m still writing the novelized version of SPLICE. And, while I’ve been slaving away on that, they’ve been working  hard on attracting investors. Both aspects have been moving along well, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Thanks for sticking around.

See you next week!