Good Morning Everyone!

Starting on a happy note, I recently had a series of tests done on my heart and have now had it confirmed that I, and the occasional cockroach, will be the only thing left standing after someone drops the bomb. Or, as my doctor put it, “You’re healthy.” 

So, that’s good news after spending a month and  a half thinking I’d had a heart attack.

In other good news, I can finally tell you about the awards that Hybrid Zero and Legends Parallel are eligible for. We qualified for The Eisner Awards, which are comic book equivalent of a Grammy or an Oscar.  Whether we make it to the next round or not, the fact that we have come this far, in such a short time, is a testament to the hard work put in by Hadithi Sambamba and all its creators.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that we put out some high quality stuff.

If you haven’t checked them out, you should. Both series are rated “M” for Mature.

Hybrd Zero
3 titles

The Hybrid Zero multiverse is set in the far future where sex, in all its consensual iterations, is celebrated and violence is taboo.

Juggernaut: A family of genetically modified assassins must save the multiverse from a transdimensional monster. Or not. It all depends on their mood.

Cassandra and the Changeling Sword: A 96 year old woman is trapped ion the body of a teenage ninja on an alternate Earth is forced to battle her evil clone. The hooker with a degree in engineering is just a bonus.

Jungle Grrl: Set in a future Brazil, on a rebuilt Earth, Jungle Grrl follows the adventures of the titular character, her bestie, and their pet dino clone as they work in a sex park for an alien Cattipuss.

Legends Parallel
The graphic novel is coming March 1, 2020

The story for people who think that quantum physics isn’t violent, or sexy, enough. Based on the formulas of Hugh Everett, III, the books posit that the multiverse was formed at the big bang and not all resulting Earths evolved humans. There are, however, five which have and this story is about the one woman who wants to rule them all and the man, his mom, and her lover, who must stop her.

No one said this shit would be easy.

If you pre-order the graphic novel prior to March 1, shipping in the US is free.

More below.

In other news, I just passed the 50,000 word mark on SPLICE. That means two things; (1), I’m halfway done, and (2), that’s a lot of words.

The novel is already different that the film. Stuff that works great on screen can be dull as hell to read. And visa versa. Which means there are now scenes in each which are exclusive to each. That’s fine, but knowing I wrote the script some people seem to assume all I’m doing is reformatting it and adding a couple of adjectives. 

Those people are wrong.

What’s fun, as a writer, is being able to explore the characters from different angles. If I want to do a deep dive into something, that would be a waste of time in a movie, I can do it now. And I have taken full advantage of that opportunity. 

Since you’re such an amazing human, allow me to share another snippet from the novel.

Omaha wasn’t nearly as exciting as a rusty sign may have portended. Then again, not much of Nebraska lent itself to the word “excitement.”

The young boy looked around and tried to take in his surroundings. His black skin was already earning him hard looks so blending in wasn’t really an option. He also had to deal with the fact he was hungry again and no one was going to believe a little black kid just happened to have a fifty dollar bill.

Well, shit.

He slid down an alley behind a restaurant and was rewarded with some decent food. Cooked and everything. Even had some spice.

Well, “spice” according to Nebraska’s culinary standards, he guessed.

More below.

As always, if you’d like an autographed copy of anything I have, just ask. I sell everything for retail plus shipping. I have copies of most everything I’ve released except for a couple of foreign anthologies. And, if it’s vitally important for you to have one of those, I can figure something out.

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Festoon’s a fun word.

Thanks for reading along, you are truly a blessing to me. I’ll see you next week.