As our government, based on the advice of one doctor, who has a You Tube video – no, I’m not drunk, is rolling out a treatment plan for COVID-19 that has serious, i.e., lethal, side effects for people with heart conditions, and can do bad things to healthy people if dosed incorrectly, I strongly advise you to ensure your doctor did not get their degree from an online university cum adult dating site.

Here in McSciFi-land, the multiverse’s coolest amusement park, we’re hunkered down, following the instructions from the adults in the room, a/k/a the CDC and WHO, and we’re doing okay. Our primary concern derives from the fact we’re both excellent cooks, and we’re bored. By the time this pandemic passes we may look like parade floats. Still, we’ll get through this and you will too if you just follow the simple directions; stay inside, stay away from people, and wash your hands.That link will take you to a variety of musical alternatives you can use instead of singing Happy Birthday twice into a mirror. 

I’m here to help.

Okay, so last weekend I appeared, virtually speaking, at Stay Home Con and Con From Home. Due to the international nature of the events, and lack of a defined payment portal, sales didn’t happen. At least not directly. People did go to Amazon and buy stuff. And that’s great. Kind of. You see, if I sell a novel directly I earn about $10.00. If it sells through the Zon, I take home less than a buck. Oh well, there were upsides.

Here’s my breakdown of positive interactions:

  • 30+ new followers on Twitter
  • 18 new followers on Instagram
  • 1 new follower on my Facebook fan page (no one uses Facebook for anything other than family any more)
  • 3 new followers on my Twitch channel (which I just started four days ago)
  • 60+ new subscribers to this email list. I have not compared that number with people who added me on social media, but some are obviously exclusive to this total.

So, hi newbies. Here’s hoping you enjoy all I have to offer.

That said, my interactions with people were fun, occasionally informative, and helped kill some time. All of which means … drum roll please … I’M DOING IT AGAIN!!!

On April 11 & 12, I’ll be a featured guest at Geek Out Virtual Con, sponsored by Geek Insider, an internationally renowned web site dedicated to pop culture. I’ll be giving away some cool SWAG to lucky winners and hanging out with the happening hep cats around the virtual water cooler.  Hope to see you there.

Some cuteness below … but you were hoping for that, weren’t you?

I debated on sharing this, but it’s too fun, and kind of sweet, not to. I found out a young Japanese lady is using The Brittle Riders to learn English. While that struck me as an odd choice, since I make up some words and horribly bend others, she’d already dove into it and had questions.I quickly figured out her grasp of the language was solid, she just never learned to read or write it. Okay, I can work with that. And I did.

Nonetheless, discovering the hyper violent, and dismissively sadistic, scenes featuring the villain sound cute as the Dickens when read aloud by a young lady with a Japanese accent (think Sailor Moon reading war reports), just tied it all together in a pretty bow.

Seriously, she has the perfect voice for anime, which makes my dystopian nightmare sound kind of awkwardly innocent.

For the record, I’ve set up a Google Hangout with this email if you want to say hi. That”s how she contacted me. Just give me a head’s up before you call, if only to make sure I’m wearing pants and not working on my twerking skills.

A little bit more below.

One fun note, I was described, at Con From Home, as a “Creator of fun apocalypses and bent multiverses. Not for the faint of heart.” That works.

I’m stealing it.

In the meantime, I know you’re going a little stir crazy. I can’t really blame you. While my twerking skills are developing nicely, I think you might be better served by reading some of my stuff for free. Just CLICK HERE to read short stories, interviews, and some nonfiction.

You can also go to NERDANATIX to read a ton of comic books for free, online only. Obviously, I want you to read mine, and then buy them as gifts for your 100 closest friends, but there are some amazing talents up there and now’s a good time to discover them.

Thanks for following along. I’ll see you next week.

Oh, yeah, this is me without hair care products, dye, or any shame.

Happy Pandemic Everyone!