I hope you, and your loved ones, are sheltering in place, staying safe, and riding this out. My little corner of the multiverse already contains two dead and seven more infected. One of those was told to get her affairs in order but lived anyway. As she later told me “I suck at taking  directions.”

On a related note, if you see a meme or message or post that includes “drink warm water with lemon” to cure, or avoid, Coronavirus, please discard it. It’s a bit of hokum originally foisted on the uneducated back in the 1920s. It wasn’t true then, and it’s not true now.

Also, despite what the president has said, hydroxychloroquine has not shown any efficacy in more stringent tests. In fact, when it works at all it’s mostly in mild cases which, since people survive those anyway, could also be cured by a grape Nehi and a bag of Skittles.

In other words, science is not impressed with the claims. A side note, hydroxychloroquine can kill you if you have a pre-existing heart condition. So, please don’t take it unless you have lupus or malaria and a doctor’s prescription.

Okay, happy stuff below.

Since I’m spending all my time writing, and not being able to sell stuff at conventions, I’ve had to get creative. Last Sunday, the lovely and talented Shelly Lopez, editor extraordinaire, asked me to join her online book fair as a guest and I ended up having a lot of fun. Cool group of people, interesting stories on their varied paths to getting published and, of course, a lot of praise for Shelly. 

To be fair, except for me, they were all her clients. I weaseled in since I’d worked with her husband on The Chronicles of Edgar Allan Poe, one of my better sellers at cons.. 

But, on the subject of cons and lost sales, I have been in talks with a variety of different companies and have come up with some fun things I can share.

Here’s the list:

  • Gift Cards – You can now get Bill McSciFi gift cards that can be used on any McSciFi purchases, and the list that applies to has grown. The cards work just like regular gift cards you buy at the store, so I’m not reinventing the wheel here. They are, currently, digital only, but I will have actual plastic ones you can buy once I can get out and sell them at cons.
  • Autographed Books & Comics – I now have a portal set up through a bank that is secure and easy to use. You simply CLICK HEREpick what you want, pay the amount shown, and off it goes to you the next day. Most deliveries happen inside a week, but I’m asking you to allow two weeks while all this is going on.
  • McSciFi Merch – Just CLICK HERE to get everything from T-shirts to coffee mugs to onesies for your infant. While they are not shipping now, due to the fact Spreadshirt’s facilities have been shuttered temporarily, there are discounts to be had if you pay now and accept delivery after the pandemic passes. 

But wait! There’s more!

As you know, the Legends Parallel graphic novel is out and shipping in the U.S. And, thanks to the efforts of Phystee Nicole Brown, both the body model for Ms. Oshun and our biggest fan, the graphic novel features a fun photo spread of her, exclusive to Hadithi Sambamba, a plethora of fan art, and more. It is a “must have” for any fan. It’s even better as an introduction to the multiverse, since you can read all three stories without interruption. 

As I noted on Facebook the other day, every title in the series, thus far, has posted at number one, sales and views, at Nerdanatix. There’s a reason for that. 

But what fun is having an incredible graphic novel if you can’t promote it?

So, this weekend, I’ll be virtually appearing at Geek Out Comic Con sponsored by the amazing peeps at Geek Insider. For those of you who missed their part of the internet, GI is a pop culture site which covers everything from indie creators, like me, to the vagaries of online gambling. 

The coolest part to me, since I’m a needy geek, was seeing me listed as a special guest in their newsletter this week. Seriously, how cool is that?

This is going to be a great event and already has some big names attached. I feel cooler just being in the same digital room with them. Please come on by and say hi.

A little bit more below.

All of my other projects are moving along apace, and I’ll have some fun news for you next week about a series of online radio shows, a/k/a podcasts, I’ll be doing along with real scientists. So you have that to look forward to.

Until then, you can CLICK HERE to read some of my stuff for free. And, please, go ahead and share that link with people. It’s a great way for them to decide if McSciFi’s right for them. You may be shocked to learn, I know I was, that not everyone thinks they need McSciFi in their lives.

Those people are wrong, but who am I to judge?

Until next week, stay sane, stay safe, and stay inside.