I hope everyone is sheltering in place, staying safe, putting on some weight, and having stupid amounts of nookie. May as well make the best of an odd situation. 

Last weekend I was a featured guest at Geek Out Comic Con and had a blast. On Saturday, I was teamed up with my friend, author and baker extraordinaire, J. Steven Young. We were part of an Authors’ Panel that covered a wide variety of subjects. It was fun, informative, and became a nice way for us to introduce ourselves to tons of people who’d never even contemplated meeting us. Then, on Sunday morning, I sat down with one of the owners of Geek Insider, Matthew, and spent about fifteen minutes spreading the Gospel of McSciFi (KJV). I magically appear around the one hour mark. 


Sunday afternoon I joined the staff of ICC Magazine for a rollicking discussion about the indie comic scene, plans for the magazine, and the joys of cosplay. It was, and this is odd, the first time I’d ever spoken to any of them. Until now all of our business has been conducted via text. Anyway, CLICK HERE if you missed it and feel free to join the fun. The comments section is still open.

Make sure to check out the awesome ad page Geek Insider did exclusively for me. They did one for every creator, which is the kind of effort that makes me balk, but mine is the cutest.

Much more to come.

Since I know you can never get enough of me, and I can’t blame you, this weekend I’ll be appearing for three days at CYBERCON. This is the largest event I’ve done, by far, so I’ll  let them tell you about it.

WebTV, the Hangin With Web Show and NSC Live TV with JBauerArt, MBL Entertainment’s Marc B Lee, in partnership with Space Coast Comic Con and HarlequinArts Cosplay & Crafts, are pleased to join together to host CyberCon 2020.

From April 17 thru 19, 2020, CyberCon is a virtual and social media convention, ala “Telethon Style” experience, featuring pop culture artists, authors, comic creators, celebrities, and more packed into a 3 day LIVE Facebook Watch broadcast. No Ticket Required!

Using the latest LIVE broadcasting technologies from BeLive TV, and a fan-based social media sharing strategy, HWWS WebTV and its partners are poised to entertain, share and promote the creative arts, while encouraging our popular culture community to help neighbors and others affected by this terrible health and economic threat.

Stay At Home! Let us bring you: Music, Art, Cosplay, Performances, Guests, Vendors and more right at your fingertips! (April 17-19, 2020) It’s CyberCon 2020 and it’s your time to shine from the warmth of your own home! Join the fun LIVE on Facebook Watch!

If you don’t have Facebook, or just hate it like some of my fans, you can CLICK HERE to watch it on a dedicated web page. How cool is that?

Also, fun side note, all proceeds raised from this event will be donated to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy’s COVID-19 Response Fund, As of this writing the fund has raised over one million dollars. So that’s ever cooler!

More to come.

I’ve been talking about the Legends Parallel graphic novel for a while now. I, fina-fucking-ly, got my copy. Just CLICK HERE to see it sitting on my computer or, if you’d prefer to see me with pandemic hair holding a copy, you can CLICK HERE

You can order it, and much more, just by hitting up my store. For now, that’s the only way to get anything McSciFi related. You go to my store, order something, and then I go down to the post office and mail it to you. I’m happy to do this; I need to get this shit out of my dining room, I need the exercise, and the post office needs the money. It’s a big WIN for everyone.

Until the pandemic passes the shops that make Legends Parallel and Bill McSciFi T-shirts and gear are shut down. However, you can still order now for later delivery.

That said, the print shop which handles all of the Hadithi Sambamba Comix line is family owned and the family lives on the premises. So there are no issues getting you what you want. This means the entire Nerdanatix line is still available and being placed in stores. Believe it or not, there are some still open and the major comic book distributor shut down. In other words, someone’s got to fill those shelves, may as well be us and the rest of the gang at Nerdanatix

As always, the graphic below represents both sales and views and shows what happens when clinically repressed people discover a scandalous version of Scooby-Doo

Currently, you can view everything for free online at Nerdanatix. It’s not as fun as owning it, but it’ll give you something to read and keep you from going bat shit, pardon the pandemic pun, crazy.

Just a little bit more below.

Thanks for taking the time to read all this. I truly hope you’re staying safe, sane, and inside. Until next week, here’s a pic of Kim, the world’s greatest girlfriend, and me prepping for a virtual Easter service.

See you next week.