Welcome Back!

It’s good to see you. Hopefully you’re managing to stay safe, sane, and inside, as this nightmare continues on. Today seems like the perfect time to catch up on some stuff that may have fallen by the wayside. 

Bill McSciFi Gift Cards – Yep, they’re real. Just CLICK HERE to get yours. They work exactly like any normal gift cards you get at a store, except they look much cooler. You can order them online, give them as gifts, and use them for anything you want, not only McSciFi gear. Just imagine how wonderful it would be to order your favorite booze for delivery using a McSciFi gift card. Or how impressed your special someone will be when they find one of these in their inbox instead of your usual squirrel memes.

Bill McSciFi Merchandise – If you CLICK HERE you will see an awesome array of delights no home should be without. Since I stocked up for spring conventions, and there aren’t any right now, I have a dining room full of stuff. If you buy anything via this portal it will ship next business day. You can even use your gift card to pay for everything if you wish. This is good for me, good for the post office, and good for your soul.

Bill McSciFi Free Stories – All you have to do is CLICK HERE to enjoy, previously published, short stories, interviews, articles and more. It’s a great way to kill some time, have some fun, and destroy brain cells without alcohol, delivered or otherwise. It’s also the perfect link for you to share with people who may be interested in checking out some McSciFi but not wanting to make a financial commitment at this time.

Bill McSciFi Free Comics – In order to help people stay saner than an emu on acid during the pandemic Nerdanatix is allowing anyone who wishes to preview their entire catalog, online only, for free. That includes all your favorite McSciFi titles; Legends ParallelHybrid Zero: JuggernautHybrid Zero: Jungle GrrlHybrid Zero: Cassandra and the Changeling SwordSvarozic, and Ruh Roh Rangers. Above and beyond all the cool McSciFi joints there are some other incredible talents up there.and there are far worse ways to spend your time. If at all possible, view them on a larger screen. The art is amazing.

Actual news below.

All of the beta reads are done for SPLICE.There were a couple of things readers pointed out that I will add, which will make the book better than it was, but, across the board,  they loved it. Instead of using the format I created for The Brittle RidersSPLICE has chapters, is a quicker read, and is linear. I know, I know, what was I thinking? 

The story, a tale of a young boy abandoned in Omaha who grows up to be the greatest super-villain the world has ever seen isn’t what you might expect. He’s not mentally ill, doesn’t hate everyone, or any of the usual tropes. He makes connections, and choices, as he grows, and is in complete control of who, and what, he becomes. This, near future, sci-fi tale has elements of military fiction as well as traditional thrillers. It was a hell of a lot of fun to write. Hopefully it will be a hell of a lot of fun for you to read.

In any case, this will be finished this week and then sent to the publisher for official cover art (below is just a mock-up), formatting, and placement on the release schedule. Once I get a date you will too.

More below.

The Legends Parallel graphic novel is out and shipping to happy abodes around the country. Two major review sites have added it to their list of awesome things to share and I will post those links once they go live. Right now you can exclusively order copies by CLICKING HERE but, as things return to normal, most of my comics will be available in stores around the country. Nerdanatix has been using this opportunity to introduce buyers around the U.S. to the joys of indie comics. Usually those buyers are too preoccupied with The Man, either Iron or Bat, to pay attention to much else. So, that’s one good thing to come out of this mess.

The people who’ve gotten their copies already have enthusiastically raved about how cool it is. One hundred pages of stories, fan art, original cover art, promo pieces, and a six page photo shoot featuring Phystee Nicole Brown, the body model for Oshun in the comics. 

Just a bit more below.

If all the McSciFi stuff isn’t enough to keep you entertained, the nice people over at Solitaire Paradise have added hundreds of games you can play for free online. I’m addicted to their version of Pyramid Solitaire

Whatever it is you do to keep yourself going doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you find something, enjoy it, and plan on getting used to it. As more and more people shun the sheltering inside orders more and more people will be spreading the disease. Which means more and more people will needlessly die. I don’t want you to be among that number, so please keep staying inside.

My girlfriend has relatives, and I have friends, who are front line medical professionals. They are universal in their disdain for those who deny reality as well as in their fear of this disease. It’s not the flu. You do not drown in your own blood, while your body is wracked with convulsions and brain melting fevers, with the flu. You do with COVID-19.

So, from my family to yours, please, stay safe, sane, and inside.

I’ll see you next week.