First, I truly hope you’re staying safe, sane, and inside. While New York, Illinois, California, and a few other states are seeing the number of cases begin to decline, the same is not true for the entire country and it will continue to get worse before it gets better. Make sure to avoid any “miracle cures,” “evil conspiracies,” “investment dreams come true,” and other scams. Also make sure to only pay attention to the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization for your Coronavirus updates. There are still too few tests available to even think about opening up the country, so please tell people to stop trying to do that.

Okay, on to the fun stuff.

Last week, after a couple of fits and starts, I was finally able to get the Bill McSciFi UK shop up and running. It features all the McSciFi gear plus the Legends Parallel line and all the latest Hybrid Zero threads. It had to be done that way unless I planned on opening up actual lines of clothing and investing in serious promotions (which I am not). As of right now, you can only buy customized face masks in the UK shop, and someone has already ordered one, but I’ve been promised they’ll be coming to America soon.

My English friend Jin-ah, not the famous one, saw all this happening  and leapt into action. Within an hour of the whole thing going live she, and a couple friends, had put together a promo tweet for the shop, me, and all things good and holy.

Well, “good and holy” by my standards, anyway.

Now, when you CLICK HERE you’ll be treated to something teasingly naughty, cloyingly fun, and entirely Asian. Basically, you’ll be treated to everything Jin-ah stands for. 

This way, no matter which country you’re in, you can go to the McSciFi web site and, when you click on the gear tab, you’ll be taken to the store nearest your country so you can pay the least amount for shipping. Additionally, when you visit the site, you’ll note I cleaned the heck out of it, added the gift card on every page, and made the whole thing easier to navigate.

So, that was fun.

More below.

I had an amazing time at the LA Book Fest last Saturday, met fans old and new, and got to meet a plethora of exciting authors. For those who missed me reading from The Brittle Riders, just CLICK HERE to enjoy your favorite, PG-13, dystoipian bedtime story. One fun note here; if you click on The Brittle Riders, and bring up the individual book options, you’ll note you can purchase each title in Japan. Sadly, they were not translated into Japanese, it’s just there’s a small contingent of fans there who wanted copies so Amazon Japan was kind enough to make that happen.

Now, for  the new people who joined us during, and after, the fest, here’s a sample of some of the cool stuff you can get right now, with the added bonus of much of it being free!

Bill McSciFi Gift e-Cards – Yep, they’re real. Just CLICK HERE to get yours. They work exactly like any normal gift e-cards you can get, except they look much cooler. You can order them online, give them as gifts, and use them for anything you want, not only McSciFi gear. Just imagine how wonderful it would be to order your favorite booze for delivery using a McSciFi gift e-card. Or how impressed your special someone will be when they find one of these in their inbox instead of your usual squirrel memes.

Bill McSciFi Books and Comics – If you CLICK HERE you will see an awesome array of delights no home should be without. Since I stocked up for spring conventions, and there aren’t any right now, I have a dining room full of stuff. If you buy anything via this portal it will ship next business day. You can even use your gift card to pay for everything if you wish. This is good for me, good for the post office, and good for your soul.

Bill McSciFi Free Stories – All you have to do is CLICK HERE to enjoy, previously published, short stories, interviews, articles and more. It’s a great way to kill some time, have some fun, and destroy brain cells without alcohol, delivered or otherwise. It’s also the perfect link for you to share with people who may be interested in checking out some McSciFi but not wanting to make a financial commitment at this time.

Bill McSciFi Free Comics – In order to help people stay saner than an emu on acid during the pandemic Nerdanatix is allowing anyone who wishes to preview their entire catalog, online only, for free. That includes all your favorite McSciFi titles; Legends ParallelHybrid Zero: JuggernautHybrid Zero: Jungle GrrlHybrid Zero: Cassandra and the Changeling SwordSvarozic, and Ruh Roh Rangers. Above and beyond all the cool McSciFi joints there are some other incredible talents up there.and there are far worse ways to spend your time. If at all possible, view them on a larger screen. The art is amazing.

Just a bit more.

I’d like to take a moment to address the couple of nice people who wanted to know what heck was taking so long when it comes to releasing SPLICE and Goptri of the Mists: Kitaab Ek. I especially enjoyed the one missive which contained this bon mot, “My brother wrote his novel last week and it’s on Amazon now.”

Good for him.

Since I don’t self publish, my books go through a, slightly, more stringent  process. They are written, which takes me longer than a week, then they are proofed, edited, beta read, updated, sent to the publisher for a conforming edit and, eventually, the commercial presentation is finalized.

Then, and only then, do promos start to roll out. After several weeks of promotions, the book goes live. 

Anyway, expect to see promos for SPLICE starting next week.

Again, and as always, stay safe, sane, and inside, and I’ll see you next week.