For the last two years I have had the honor of being a vendor at the Kankakee Fantasy Con. I have made new friends, sold stuff to strangers, and discovered creators I would otherwise have been denied. I was looking forward to being there again. Obviously, despite what you may have seen on YouTube, it’s not safe yet to jam a ton of people into a confined space and have them paw other people’s stuff. 

So, this year, they thought way outside the box and came up with a way to hold a week long cyberfest. From June 1st through the 6th there will be online booths, kiosks, meet and greets, as well as cosplay events, music, and pizza.

Well, I’ll have pizza. That’s close enough.

You’ll be able to check stuff out, chat with creators, and (hopefully) spend a couple of bucks. Just bookmark THIS LINK to join the fun.

And, if you join in, you can win free stuff. How cool is that?

More fun to be had below.

In other exciting news, Hybrid Zero: Juggernaut #2 was delivered to the printer and is being prepped for sale. The popular series about a family of genetically modified soldiers cum assassins who live in a multiverse where sex is lauded and violence is taboo, continues to rack up new fans every week. It also opened up the possibility of getting Hadithi Sambamba Comix licensed in the United Kingdom.

That’s one of the reasons I opened a merchandise shop in England two weeks ago. An event which led to the greatest tweet in the history of tweets. If you missed it, just CLICK HERE for all the coo coo coolness the internet has to offer.

Nothing can get finalized until the pandemic subsides and people have a better idea of what can, and cannot, be done. But the door’s been opened, contact info exchanged, human sacrifices arranged … you know, the usual boring business stuff. 

As one young lady informed me, “British chicks gonna dig the Hybrid Zero.”

More below.

Now that the Legends Parallel Graphic Novel is out, and in the sweaty hands of fans, we’re prepping to get issue four completed and released. The story of five earths, each radically different from the others, and the one woman who’s attempting to stop evolution and control them, keeps adding fans every week. I know some people are not happy since we don’t pump these comics out like a major publisher does. Unfortunately, no one’s rich here. We have to recoup what we’ve spent first before we can sink more money in. And that takes time. 

When someone buys our comics that money goes to the distributor who then sticks it in an account and, a few times a year, disburses it to the creators. Which is fine, but, like I said, it takes time. 

In the meantime, if you’d like to see what all the fuss is about, our distributor, Nerdanatix, is allowing people to read comics online for free during the pandemic. CLICK HERE to check out Legends Parallel.

Bit more below.

In news about books without pictures, both SPLICE and Goptri of the Mists are in the hands of the capable people who will be foisting them on an unsuspecting public. Without tooting my horn too much, I have to say I’m well pleased with both books. SPLICE is a nonstop thrill ride that rockets the reader from event to event so quickly that people are stunned when it ends. It’s like driving into a wall. 

Fun fact: When SPLICE was being peer reviewed, people missed critical errors because they were so caught up in the story. If you’re going to have problems as a writer, those are the kind you want.

Goptri of the Mists is a different animal all together. It has two disparate time lines, three interwoven stories, a made up sub-language, and enough science to choke a goat. If goat choking is your thing.

But, as with SPLICE, beta readers and the rest got so caught up in the story they blew by errors. 

The reason errors did get caught is someone would note one, someone else would note another, and so on. Not one reader caught the same ones as another. Which led me to go back and pick everything apart line by line.

The end result? Two of the best pieces of writing I’ve ever done. 

I can’t wait to share them with you.

In the meantime, stay safe, sane, and indoors. I’ll see you next week.