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I know everyone has busy lives and things to do, so I’ll try and keep this a little shorter than War and Peace. But, I have to tell you some exciting news. I am proud to announce that the, gloriously NSFWHybrid Zero multiverse has spawned another title. 

It’s called NEUTRINOS and tells the sordid tale of an all female rock band touring the galaxy in a beater spaceship. While all they want is to have sex, consume large quantities of drugs, and play rock and roll, the universe has other plans for them. If you’ve ever wondered how buying an alien goat caller in a flea market could lead to the violent overthrow of a government, this will fill in the gaps for you.

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In non-comic news, SPLICE: HIT BIT TECHNOLOGY continues to gather new fans. The paperback will  be dropping next week and begin being shipped to stores. I can honestly say nothing I’ve written has gotten visceral, and positive, reactions like this book. Based on my emails people seem to believe I went to their homes and kicked them in the groin as they read the last page.

For the record, I haven’t been doing that.

Now, he’s an enigma known only as Splice; a criminal mastermind with unlimited resources, cunning, and guile. A silent force who can make world leaders disappear in a miasma of blood and gore. But how did he get here? Where did he come from? The world may never know, but you will.

My other massive tome, The Brittle Riders, is also being released as a paperback, or useful cudgel – depending on your point of view, and shall soon be pawed by the fawning masses. Or so we hope. There’s a reason this book was voted one of the best examples of world building by Science Fantasy Hub. It takes readers into a place they thought they knew intimately and proves them wrong on every page. 

If David Brin came off a three day tequila bender and dropped acid, he would have written The Brittle Riders. After the death of every man, woman, and child on the planet things get a little weird. Apocalypses are funny that way.

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In, kind of exciting, comic book news, I’ve been fielding calls from comic book stores that are close to reopening, or have recently done so, about stocking Hadithi Sambamba Comix in their stores. In fact the first order just went out. It wasn’t massive, but it was an order. 

And, this is the cool part, it was an order placed by customers. People wanted it, so the store reached out and got it. And we’re starting to see, a little more, similar activity. Right now I can fulfill orders with the stock I have in my dining room, but I’m hopeful we can start direct shipping from the printer soon.

That would be good for our bottom line and the pockets of our creators. 

Well, that’s enough fun for one day. I wouldn’t want to tax your systems. As always, if you know a special someone whose life would be enhanced by owning some McSciFi just CLICK HERE and burn that credit card to a nub.

In all seriousness, thank you for your continued support and stay safe, sane, and inside.

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