Last week I was proud as a peacock overdosing on cherry flavored pride pills to announce SPLICE: HIT BIT TECHNOLOGY was in the running for a Critter award as best sci-fi novel of 2020. If you click that link you can still vote up to January 14th.

The cool thing about a Critter award is that selections are nominated by fans and members and then voted on by readers like you. Think of them like The People’s Choice Awards for indie sci-fi.

In other SPLICE related news, The Independent Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors is doing a cool promotion for military Sci-Fi, much of SPLICE happens while he’s a Marine, so, for a very limited time, you can get a, Kindle, version of the novel for free.

The final bit of SPLICE news is that I’ve been reading segments on McSciFi TV on YouTube. I will be having surgery this week to repair my knee so I can stand and walk again. But, until then, I wanted to share snippets from this amazing book.

Moving on, Goptri of the Mists: Kitaab Ek launched last week and people seem well pleased with that development. It has truly been a labor of love on my part. While, officially, the prequel / sequel to the The Brittle Riders many beta-readers found they could follow along without having read the original series. Publishers love to hear stuff like that.

Unlike traditional works Goptri has two timelines happening. One is hundreds of years in the past of the events in The Brittle Riders and the other stumbles into being shortly thereafter.

One fun part of this was coming up with a villain who would justify world wars and endless terror. According to beta readers, I nailed it. Or, as one said in a phone call (remember when people talked on phones?), “No, hell no, are you … oh my God, fuck, what did you do?” I get that a lot. Anyway, she later finished it and told me she loved it. So there’s that.

There’s a lot going on so I’ll leave you to it. Until next week, stay safe, sane, and inside. If you must go out just, please, wear a mask.