Apparently, for the last couple of weeks, my e-blasts have been sent out from an alien email address and gone straight to spam for most people. It also meant I didn’t know a bunch of new people had signed up to revel in the coo coo coolness which isĀ McSciFi since I didn’t have access to this alien address. That’s all been fixed now and this baby’s purring like the naughty kitten it is.

Also, welcome aboard newcomers! You’re cooler than your neighbors just by being here.

So, for those who missed it, SPLICE: HIT BIT TECHNOLOGIY was nominated, by a person who bought the book, for a Readers’ Poll Award at Critters which is a website run by people who used to run the Nebula Awards. Much to my surprise (as in this never happens to me), fans shared links, told each other what an awesome hunk of man meat I am, and, honest to God, I WON! SPLICE was voted the Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel of 2020 by people who’ve read it. What’s even cooler is the announcement led to a spike in sales so more people are discovering what an incredible read SPLICE is.

Currently available at Walmart, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.

Legends Parallel and Hybrid Zero are in the Top 12 comics distributed by Nerdanatix and continue to garner new fans every week. The ‘Rated “M” for Mature’ comics continue to get more rave reviews. Read the latest ones for Legends Parallel and Hybrid Zero: Juggernaut via the links. People really dig these titles.

Goptri of the Mists: Kitaab Ek is out and inspiring cult-like devotion. While it’s the prequel / sequel to The Brittle Riders some people are enjoying it on its own. Which is fine, if confusing. The only negative thing I’ve seen so far was a reader who was sad there wasn’t more tentacle sex. I reassured him Book 2 would address that lack and he seemed happy. Otherwise he enjoyed it.

While not all commerical sites post reviews, even if you leave one, you can always go to my Good Reads page and leave reviews for the appropriate book(s) there.

That’s enough for one day. Until next week stay safe, sane, and inside.