It’s nice to have fans. One such fan is a young lady named Sabrina Zaremba is the kind of fan creators dream about, often with unhealthy outcomes. While many fans will write blogs, or share social media posts, or even post reviews, Sabrina shows her love of comics by stripping down to the barest of lace and latex and then draping herself in comics. Her two new favorites, Legends Parallel and Hybrid Zero fit well into that kind of promotion. Seriously, it was like a match made in heaven. Since I know that many, but not quite all, of my followers would like to see a scantily clad woman draped in comics, I have some links for you.

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And last, but certainly not least, Pic #5

Some of you missed the memo that SPLICE: HIT BIT TECHNOLOGIY was recently voted Best Sci-Fi Novel of 2020 by the Critters’ Readers’ Poll. Critters is a nickname given to literary critics. SPLICE is currently available at Walmart, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. And, as cool as all that is, we are now seeing preliminary story boards getting completed in preparation for the movie. It’s still going to be a few months before they begin pre-production, but every thing’s moving towards that goal.

Goptri of the Mists is also out now and getting some love. Just like with SPLICE, Azoth Khem did a digital soft launch. The idea is simple, we get to make a few bucks and if someone notices a mistake it can be fixed easily. In SPLICE, for example, I’d forgotten a postage stamp. It sounds like a little thing but it brought the story to a halt if you were paying attention, and several readers were. God bless them. So far no one has spotted any glaring errors in Goptri, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

My latest short story, FUN TIME AT THE APOCALYPSE A GO-GO, has been released in Sci-Fi Lampoon. The Lampoon is built to offend, terrify, and amuse people. Often all at once. It has no effect on other species as far as we know. It’s a great magazine assembled by a world class editing staff. Your multiverse will be cooler the second you order your copy.

In truly fun news, EDM legends, GO FIGHT are releasing a concept album entitled MekaDisko and have decided to include science fiction short stories, read by professionals, as a companion piece. It will go live in March but you can check out promo videos and music when you click on their name. My offering, TIKKA WANTS A LOLLY-CAT, will be one of the stories you’ll be able to hear.

Lastly, I was interviewed by People Globally as part of their effort to discover what makes humans tick. It’s more of a look inside my squishy brain than anything to do with writing, but I enjoyed it. It’s brief so you can read it all in a couple of minutes. Fun fact, People Globlally is a wholly owned subsidiary of TNWTL (That’s No Way to Live). Check it out, it was fun to do and I’m happy to share.

That’s enough for one day. Until next week stay safe, sane, and inside.