Last week I shared the scantily clad joy of Sabrina Zaremba and her love of Hybrid Zero and Legends Parallel. While I’m forced to admit that not every fan strips down and poses for selfies with my writing, it’s nice to know she’s not alone.

Another superfan, who remains clothed when reading my stuff, as far as I know, is Ivan. Even so, that didn’t stop him from sending me a box set of hot sauces (image below). The, Phoenix based boutique company, Cutino’s Hot Sauces, makes a variety of hot sauces which are an absolute joy on your tongue. And mine!

Another fan with a plan, the legendary sci-fi writer Eric Klein, took time out of his busy day to interview me for his blog. If you want to do a deep dive into the world of SPLICE this is your chance.

Also, people seem to have figured out how to use my Gear Page and are now festooning themselves in McSciFi related merchandise (image below). From onesies for toddlers, to masks for the kids, to sexy T-shirts, there’s something for everyone. And, if you don’t see what you want, just reach out and ask. More often than not I can make it happen.

I know, there’s a lot of pretty pictures today. I’ve been trying to have one topic, with one image, to keep things nice and clear. But, when you have this much awesome sauce you just have to ladle that stuff out.

A quick reminder that SPLICE: HIT BIT TECHNOLOGIY and Goptri of the Mists are winning new fans every day. While you need not have read The Brittle Riders before tackling Goptri, it does enhance the experience if you have. Both books are extremely different from each other. SPLICE is a collection of terse chapters that propels the reader face first into the action. Three separate reviewers have called it a “non stop thrill ride.” I can live with that. Goptri, on the other hand, is a hundred thousand word chapter that explores multiple themes while still being laden with sex, violence, and philosophy.

And, finally, FUN TIME AT THE APOCALYPSE A GO-GO, has been released in Sci-Fi Lampoon. This satirical look at the world of Riverdale, legendary home to Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica (all with new names so I don’t get sued into the Middle Ages), is one of the most profane things I’ve ever written. And that’s saying something. I can always tell when someone’s read it. They will immediately greet me with “Police suspect foul play” and then laugh.

That’s enough for one day. Until next week stay safe, sane, and inside.