The nice people who keep me from dropping trou in public, a/k/a consultants, have asked me to be a little more personable with these newsletters. So, to bring you up to date; I’m 59 years old, happily engaged to a beautiful woman, and I’m a moron. That last statement is borne out with this story. I recently had knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus. It was torn worse than originally thought, the surgeon said it looked like origami, but I left the hospital on my own power and soon began therapy. A week into therapy we had that nasty snow storm which dumped about 18 inches on us in a couple of days. Our landlord sent over a family to shovel the walks but they needed access to the back door. So I bravely did the manly man thing and walked out into the snow, around the building, down a flight of snow covered steps with no railings, opened the door, twisted my recently repaired knee, and instantly wiped out any gains made by therapy.

The good news is additional therapy got me back to a baseline, and I am now getting better. And, yes, my doctor told me not to do that again.

In any case, I survived and that means I’ll be around for another meet and greet. You can hang out with not so bright me, along with actual cool people, at LitCon from March 5th through the 7th. If you’re a true masochist, you can watch live panels, including the one I’m in, on their Facebook Page. When it’s all over videos will be posted on LitCon’s YouTube channel. Silliness aside, there will be authors spanning multiple genres so you should be able to find something you like.

Lastly, I wanted to note that two comic series I write for have been getting new, and laudatory, reviews.

Legends Parallel

There is much to ponder here in terms of thought-provoking issues of race, sexuality, culture and society’s attitudes to history and relationships.

You want anthropological context and sociological commentary? This has jugs of it.
Sci Fi Comic Nexus


Hybrid Zero: Juggernaut

Brown’s art is an unrestrained explosion of Expressionist fervour, portraying hyper-expansive worldbuilding and surreal sensuality. He also created the characters and conceived the original story, so this is from the heart, and it shows. It’s not all cartoony spectacle, though, he also excels at vast, atmospheric futuristic cityscapes and complex exotic architecture and infrastructures. There is plenty here to delight the eye.
Sci Fi Comic Nexus

I’ll be back next week with some exciting updates on my novels but, until then, please stay safe, sane, and inside.