Due to the pandemic eliminating personal appearances at conventions, some things had to take a back seat. Our comic distribution agreement went belly up on the carpet and we had no viable venues to sell in anymore. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but prospects weren’t looking all that good.

But, as they say, when one door closes, open a damn window. Hadithi Sambamba Comix partnered with a couple other indies, helped assemble a list of over three hundred stores that sell indie comics, and then we met, virtually, to discuss the best method of rolling things out.

After some back and forth, we came up with a solid plan. Hadithi’s owner, Brian “Bigger Lion” Daniel has made arrangements to appear at multiple pop-ups to sell off back inventory and start ordering re-branded comics with the new, exclusive, Hadithi logo.

Plus, and this is the truly exciting part, we, once again, have new comics in the pipeline.

First up will be Bob: Sins of the Son. The story of the son of Death who wants to be a superhero in Chicago. Unlike my usual fare, this is aimed firmly at teens. So, money changed hands, concept art got approved, and this bad boy is on it’s way. Look for it around the end of summer.

Next up is Pestilent. This is more in my wheelhouse. The story is about a distant future where Earth has been abandoned and humans search the galaxy for aliens to eat since alien essences prolong human life. It’s a dirty, wild, head trip. Warren Belfield, the editor, made a note at one point that sums this up nicely; “Honestly I think the anal sex joke later in the story is much stronger than this one. I’d maybe skip it here or come up with a different act to cause the private to blush in order to not steal any thunder from that one. As a secondary note, I’m not sure I thought I’d ever write the preceding sentence.

Plus, negotiations have already begun to bring Svarozic to life as a full length comic. The story of a woman trapped inside a man and a god trapped inside a human gave people their first, true, transgender superhero. We’re letting people read it FOR FREE ONLINE in the hope of getting as many people as possible familiar with the character.

Not to worry, the cult phenomena Legends Parallel and Hybrid Zero will be adding to their, Rated “M” for Mature, multiverses as well.

After the disaster known as 2020, it’s good to see things moving in a positive direction.

That seems to be enough for today. Until next week, stay safe, sane, and inside. Oh, and wear a mask.