Good morning fellow humans, and those of you who species identify as same. Welcome back to another edition of the McSciFi Newsletter. Or, as the cool kids like to say, “It’s like having ten gallons of amazing sauce squeezed into a five gallon bag.” I kind of wish I knew those cool kids. It would be great to hear stuff like that.

As I continue ramping back to full speed I have been doing interviews again. I will be sharing links as they go live. The first out of the box is a rollicking look into how I do what I do. Presented by the, accurately named, Awesome Gang you can CLICK HERE for a breezy trip through my squishy brain. You can leave a comment if you wish.

Until the rest show up I can share these recent classics. The lovely and fun, Jude Matulich-Hall, ran into a social media tsunami and was forced to repost every episode of Titles, Talk & Tipples. Which means, yesterday, you could have been treated to the teaser ad for my interview, the first half of my interview, the second half of the interview which, oddly enough, has been watched more than the first, and, since we were drinking vodka throughout the whole thing, we share some fun tipsy moments.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share some readers’ thoughts from various social media pages run by me and Azoth Khem Publishing. They’re kind of fun.

Winner of the Best SciFi Novel of 2020 on the Critters Reader’s Poll

A nonstop thrill ride
Fascinating and terrifying
The best damn thing I’ve ever read
The Desert Eagle seems like overkill for a close shot, but I have no complaints
I’m buying popcorn now for when this hits the big screen

The Brittle Riders Series or its Omnibus Edition

Some of the best world building I’ve ever encountered
It sympathetically manages to bridge the gap between faith and technology
McCormick packs more in twelve words than others do in twelve paragraphs
Fuck McCormick, he made me cry when a cockroach died
When I hit book three I surrendered. I had no clue what was going to happen, but I needed to find out

Goptri of the Mists: Kitaab Ek

There’s a horny squid and nukes. What more could I ask for?
I never considered giving my spouse a year’s worth of meat for our anniversary
Okay, wow, did not see this villain coming
Relentless and riveting
He’s always been LGBTQIA+ friendly, but this subtly raises the bar and I, for one, am thrilled

I think that’s enough for now. Please keep in mind the pandemic hasn’t gone anywhere. Wear a mask in public, make sure you’re vaccinated, and feel free to share the cult of McSciFi to your fellow shut ins.

Bill McSciFi
Bill McSciFi