Regular readers of my weekly missives are already aware that I’ve been creating a fictional universe for the Vietnamese owned NFT Cryptocurrency Cat Punk. Even though it hasn’t gone completely public, that happens on November 11, people are already writing fan fiction based on my stories. This is an exciting project and one I’m honored to be a part of. Thanks Internet!

In the “No way I saw this coming” department I have been hired by Chief Doctor Quinton Tamba Taylor de’Alexander of Luffa County in Liberia to create a comic book based on his incredible journey from, internationally renowned, Chicago fashion designer to Chief of one of the largest tribes in Liberia and a sponsor of four elementary schools. It’s a story unlike any other and it’s turning out to be a lot of fun to write.

Prior to to becoming Chief, Dr. de’Alexander had already begun his charity, We Dream in Color Foundation.

Project “We Live And Remember In Color” groundbreaking mission is to unify the awareness colors of health and humanity in one ribbon. Our objective is to stress the importance of knowing your color. Knowing your color is the key to mind and body support, disease prevention, and humanitarian assistance. Because people give most to what matters to them, the project “We Live And Remember In Color” intends to showcase events in collaboration with other organizations in fund raising efforts toward the many “Colors” that affect us all the many COLOR‘s that affect us all.

As you can tell by the logo below, they are talking about far more than the levels of melanin we each have. To accomplish their goals they feed the homeless, host charity galas, and much more. You can get a better idea by clicking here.

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Last week I talked about the great reviews Marcie’s Marvels is getting. The real story of Marcie Jonea Gerald is tragic. She committed suicide at fifteen years of age after being sexually abused and later harassed. Her mother, Elizabeth Gerald, didn’t want that to be her daughter’s final legacy. She started the MJG Movement which is dedicated to serving as a resource for children and families who are victims of sexual abuse and suicide. They welcome you to join them on their mission to educate, encourage, prevent, and heal!

To help facilitate getting the word out, Marcie’s Marvels is now being handled by a 5-Star rated publicist, Desirae L. Benson. Desirae, I can call her by her first name since we bonded over an email, brings a wealth of experience and accolades to bear on Marcie’s Marvels and has already begun securing interviews for Elizabeth so she can tell her daughter’s story to a wider audience.

If you have a blog or magazine and would be willing to review a digital copy, just respond to this email.

As you can tell, things are getting busy in McSciFi-Land, still the world’s oddest amusement park, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Until next week, stay safe, get vaxxed, and wear a mask.

Marcie's Marvels
Marcie's Marvels