The McSciFi multiverse lost one of its brightest lights. Pidge, the literature loving pigeon – shown below reading SPLICE: HIT BIT TECHNOLOGY, passed away on January 6 after a brief battle with illness.

Pidge’s human, Bart Davis, seen holding the book so Pidge could read, is obviously gutted. Pidge had been his faithful friend for over a decade.

One of the bright spots of doing what I do is people share some very random stuff. And each and every one points out why what they’ve shared is special. So, if you can spare a prayer, or kind thought, send one up for Pidge.

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Bill McSciFi

As many of you know my novels are published by Azoth Khem and most of my comics come out on Hadithi Sambamba.

As 2019 came to a close we all ramped up our inventory stock. We’d had a great year at various conventions and were looking to go bigger and better.

That wasn’t magical thinking. We were getting invites from larger cons.

As you may have heard, the pandemic hit. Cons started closing left and right and people began locking themselves inside. Along the way I had dear friends die.

That’ll make you cautious.

As we stumbled into 2020-Too, I began checking out cons that had started opening up. I was less than pleased. While many of the creators were masked and practicing social distancing, many of the guests were not and there seemed to be no method in place to enforce anything.

Moreover, I have a buddy, vaxxed and boosted, who just spent a week and a half in the hospital over the holidays, thanks to Omicron. Not the gift anyone wants.

I’m getting married this summer and am not willing to risk my health, or the health of people I love.

Until things get safer, I’ll just keep manning my online store and praying for this nightmare to end.

Until next week, stay safe and sane.

Bill McSciFi
Bill McSciFi