After a fascinating disagreement with GoDaddy (their policies versus the reality normal people live in), and trying to overcome numerous humans misspelling the name of the company that publishes my comics, we kind of compromised. There’s a new website up with the correct name, Hadithi Sambamba Comix, purposefully misspelled as The difference is subtle, but it was enough to send people into fits of rage when they couldn’t find what they were looking for. We’ll load the original again in a few weeks. But, for now, all search engines point to this one.

To make sure people are up to date there’s even a fun mini video featuring the Georgie Porgie club-remix of Tricky Bizznis’ hit C’mon C’mon. It’s a neat way to introduce it all.

This was not all done out of a sense of whimsy. Bob: Sins of the Son is in production and should be in your sweaty hands by the fall. Some of the pencil work I’ve seen could stand as art on its own.

Legends Parallel is headed back into production. Given the international nature of the creative team, and the impact of COVID, I’m kind of surprised they’re moving as fast as they are. But, the fact the trade paperback, a/k/a the Graphic Novel, has proven surprisingly popular provides the kind of impetus required. Of course, when your brand’s biggest cheerleader is Phystee Nicole Brown, the body model for Oshun, people will tend to pay attention.

Not only that, but Hybrid Zero is jumping back into the fray with its titles JuggernautJungle Grrl, and Cassandra and the Changeling Sword, all of which you can read for free by clicking their respective links. That assumes, of course, you understand that Rated “M” for Mature is something that will titillate your tasty bits and isn’t just a catch phrase. Not only that, but the multiverse’s first all silent NC-17 intergalactic rock opera, Neutrinos, is about to become a thing you can relish. Just FYI, the image attached to that link has been edited in case you pop it open in front of a person of the cloth or your boss.

I care about the sanctity of your soul and your continued employment.

For those of you who have sent me those “bated breath” emails wanting to know what’s going on with the one movie in development, and the other being considered for same, the answer is “not much.” Look, it took Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson almost five years to get Black Adam to the screen. That said, before you hang your head and whimper about the unfairness of it all, there are a couple of things working in our favor. SPLICE: HIT BIT TECHNOLOGY is owned by a production company and the agency handling The Brittle Riders has been micro-marketing to specific companies that are set up to handle a project of this size and aren’t completely adverse to risk.

Let’s face it, turning a 948 page, niche market, dystopian tome, that starts with the death of every man, woman, and child on the planet, into something people will fire up a streaming service to watch is going to take some work. Since no one has laughed in my face, I’m guessing all is going as well as could be hoped for.

To be frank, and not Bill for a moment, I’m pleased with the ways things are progressing. SPLICE has been accepted by a company which can get it placed on library and store shelves nationwide by summer. That is only going to help everything related to the project. The Brittle Riders is being read by people who think cutting eight figure checks is something everybody does between mimosas. Speaking as someone who knows the joys of cheap ramen I can candidly say I have had some odd conversations. My new blanket response has become “Well, if that works for you, I’m good with it.” Fortunately, I know some great lawyers, thanks to my years in the entertainment industry, so I have protection from myself.

All in all, good things are happening. People are paying money for McsciFi books and gear. Other people are saying nice things about my writing all over the Internet (even in the scary parts) and my fiancĂȘe is still planning on marrying me.

Like I said, things don’t suck over here. Until next time, stay safe and sane.

Bill McSciFi
Bill McSciFi