A couple of happy events led to today’s missive. First, there’s nothing urgent burbling up that requires my immediate attention and, second, it seems that signing up for this mailing list has become the hot new fad. No complaints from me, but it does mean there are more than a few people who are looking around the inside of my squishy brain and wondering what the heck is going on. So today will be like one of those refresher courses you took in college. Sure, you know this stuff, but dusting it off and giving it a quick once over can’t hurt.

And Away We Go!

SPLICE: HIT BIT TECHNOLOGY is the complete package. There is a novel, a movie script, a wildly laudatory Kirkus Review, and it was voted the Best Science Fiction Novel of 2020 by the Critters Readers Poll. The book is continuing to spread across the globe and even got a four star review from Readers Judge in India. Now is as good a time as any for you to take a moment out of your busy day and get your copy.

Next up on our nostalgia tour is The Brittle Riders. When writers say “I don’t care if it sells, I just hope to make an impact” they are summing up my experiences with The Brittle Riders trilogy. While always a steady seller it has never topped any sales charts. But, it still managed to get banned outright in Russia and shadow banned in China, where they won’t even admit I exist. The good news is that dictatorships, no matter their name, tend to be slow and stupid. Which means smart people can figure out ways around any limitations. If you want to know how to smuggle some McSciFi into those countries, and a few others, just click here for a complete primer from How I Travel magazine. In the meantime, The Brittle Riders, click to get your copy, has found new fans in the ranks of Hollywood producers and has been slowly wending its way from a fun fever dream into something much larger. By “larger” I mean there now exists a treatment for a pilot, verified reviews from all walks of life, and supporting materials for a full presentation are currently being developed in two different countries. Even if nothing comes of this, we’re positioned far better than we ever have been before.

You’ll note I said “trilogy” when referring to The Brittle Riders. That specific term has lost it’s meaning as Book IV of the trilogy, entitled Goptri of the Mists: Kitaab Ek has hit bookshelves the world over and is picking up steam. Oddly, and everyone is fine with this, people are discovering Goptri, liking it, and then going back and picking up The Brittle Riders to fill in the gaps. This is not how things were planned on the old drawing board, but it works. While Goptri is firmly planted in The Brittle Riders’ universe, it has all new characters, new locations, and a villain that shocks even the most dedicated readers. That’s the kind of compliment writers love. Well, that and “You have such pretty eyes, here’s a million dollars.” Like all my books, it’s being sold on two continents and has fans on both. Book V of the trilogy is currently being edited and Book VI is on my computer looking for an ending. Don’t worry, I’ll find it … eventually.

Keep scrolling.

Bill McSciFi

In comic book news, the happy elves over at Hadithi Sambamba Comix have been working overtime. Legends Parallel has emerged from pandemic hell and issue #4 is on its way to you. The critically acclaimed comic was also a best seller for Nerdanatix Distribution for three solid years. Now that Nerdanatix is also emerging from pandemic hell, they closed their doors in June of 2020, the band is getting back together and is ready to rock.

In the fun multiverse of Hybrid Zero there’s a ton of stuff happening. Book #3 in the Juggernaut saga is scripted and being laid out. The story of little Zoe, genetically enhanced super soldier, and her family of violently weird misfits, has garnered rabid fans and is spreading like COVID without the ugly side effects. A new title, Neutrinos is being inked as I type and should be in your sweaty hands this fall. The happy tale of the multiverse’s first all silent, NC-17, rock opera is exactly the kind of comic you need in your life.

Above and beyond all of that there are several other projects in development that will be coming to you in 2023. I will share more info once I have it.

Just a skosh more.

Bill McSciFi

I keep getting asked if I’ve seen this or that public entertainment and the answer is usually yes. Then I get asked why I don’t write about them. That answer is simple. First, I can’t imagine a multiverse where anyone would give a damn about my opinion and, second, it’s not like any of these shows or books need the publicity.

If you’re looking for reviews to help you know what to think about this week’s most important thing ever, I’m not a good choice. If you want to buy me a drink and let me regale you with my opinion, we can make that happen.

Until next week, stay safe and sane.