I get so caught up telling you about this cool thing or that cool thing that I forget to tell you about these cool things. And these cool things are things you can subscribe to, read regularly, and enhance your standing in the gene pool just by knowing about them. They’re that cool.

First up is the wonderful, dark and twisted, world of Sci-Fi Lampoon. As the name suggests, it is a lampoon. As such it ridicules things. In this case, it uses the rich tapestry of phobias and fears known as science fiction as its rapier. Because of that it’s edge is sharper, smarter, and more in need of psychotropic meds than your traditional lampoons.

I remember way back in the halcyon days of the before-times when I walked into their office and said “If it pleases my masters, I would like to strip naked and festoon my loins in emu jerky.” They thought that was a lovely way to present them with a new story and thus was our relationship born.

As time as meandered on I have worked my way up from ‘in office entertainment’ to regular contributor. It is in that capacity that I can now present you with Issue #7 of Sci-Fi Lampoon. This is not some paltry rag you pick up at the supermarket either laden with recipes and disappointing pseudo porn. Nay, Sci-Fi Lampoon is 115 glorious pages of brain bending fiction and media commentary, fleshed out with deep dives into the forbidden wells housing festering waters and the broken minds of its creators.

In other words, it’s a lot of fun. And, when you’re done with that and begging for more like you’re using the company credit card to pay for a pro-dom, you’ll be thrilled to discover that all the previous issues of this quarterly tome are available online and all you need is money to own them.

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In less salacious news, I’m the assistant editor for ICC Magazine. This celebration of all things indie, from cosplay, to conventions and creators was begun by Terance Baker to provide a showcase for people who, otherwise, might languish in obscurity. Issue #18 is out now and is filled with the hottest Indie comics and graphic novels, apparel, art supplies, toys, games, and more!

Just like Sci-Fi Lampoon, it’s a slick quarterly magazine. And that’s where the similarities end. ICC Magazine provides long form articles focused on established, but still underground, creators you need to know, spotlights on artists who are on the up, and useful resources for anyone who wants to dabble in the world of the arts.

I got my start there in the mail room but quickly caught a break and wrote the cover story for Issue #2 that people actually read and said nice things about. After that I was able to interview artists from all over the world at varying levels of success. Barbara “Willy” Mendes has her art featured on multiple murals and in museums. She was a delight to get to know. Others are just emerging from the ether to plant their flag and claim their place amidst the universe. No matter what, ICC Magazine treats each and every one like a rock star. That is especially true for our upcoming issue featuring Marvel Comics legend, and actual rock star, Thomas Tenney. He got his start drawing pictures of Ronald Reagan and now you know you desperately need to know more.

No matter who we write about you’ll learn a lot, discover cool new things, and be happy to share your copy with like-minded homo-sapiens.

ICC Magazine is distributed nationally by Diamond Distribution to book stores and all other venues where quality magazines are sold.

As always, you can contact Pam Harrison at ICC Magazine @ Hotmail.com (remove the spaces to get a working address) for any bulk discounts or library subscriptions. She’s a joy to work with and, if you’re extra nice, she’ll even share pics of her wife and their pets. But she’ll also get your order right, so that’s a nice bonus.

Until next week, consume all McSciFi related media voraciously and joyfully and remember to stay safe and sane.Bill McSciFi
Bill McSciFi
Bill McSciFi