Yesterday, while you and whomever were trying to do whatever it is to whoever you needed to do it to so your significant others wouldn’t notice, I was knee deep in a meeting that could have ended my career instantly. People ask why I don’t gamble. Simple. Show me a horse race more exciting than this.

I bet on myself.

Legally, I am limited on what I can say about the meeting but, and this doesn’t suck, I can say talks concerning SPLICE: HIT BIT TECHNOLOGY and The Brittle Riders took some lurching steps forward.

Documents were requested and delivered. People said nice things about my writing, and I am beginning to think my rainbow clad unicorn might be real. I shall name it George.

Obviously, while people are talking to me, I’m not self published, so others will have to sign off on any deals. Which is fine, they’ve been cheering me this entire journey, and it never hurts to have another set of eyes on anything.

For those of you who have never experienced the joys of shopping for a film deal, it’s not at all like you see in films. I can’t just jot an idea on a napkin and expect someone to hand me an eight figure check. Not even if I ply them with hookers and blow.

And, that’s another myth. Instead of being rampant party monsters, most of the people I’ve met are pretty normal. They love what they do and aren’t about to let anything get in the way of their successes. Which, if boring, is a sane way to get things done.

There are many more steps to take, but I am taking them one at a time. If you have it in your heart, please wish this McSciFi a little luck.

As I noted last week, the Critters Readers Poll is happening again and, this year, you’ve got more McSciFi than ever before. Back in 2020, SPLICE: HIT BIT TECHNOLOGY was voted the Best Science Fiction Novel of the year. This year I hope to add to my awards shelf. Please take a minute to vote for each of these entries. All you need is a valid email address (one vote per address) then just click each title and follow the instructions.

Voting ends on January 14, 2023.

The Brittle Riders: Book One (Second Edition) – This book raced into the top ten sales slots in the Science Fiction/Dystopian categories on IngramSpark the first week it came out and shows no signs of slowing down.

A very unique tone and world, reminiscent of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY meets a MAGNIFICENT SEVEN/DIRTY DOZEN – type set up, but with a look, flavor, and lexicon all its own. In a world where studios and streamers are looking for IP that’s expansive, both narratively and in terms of ancillary possibilities (prequels, offshoots, video games, etc.), (The Brittle Riders) certainly seems to offer up a number of possibilities. Garrick Dion – Producer (Joker / Drive)

ICC Magazine – The “go to” source for all your information needs when it comes to indie comics, cosplaying, and fiction, ICC Magazine has won fans the world over. Artwork, Photography, Video, Music, Poetry, Movie Making, Design, Cosplay. Whatever you enjoy doing. Show us. Tell us. ICC Magazine is dedicated to, and focusing on, people as Individual Creators. The Talent is out there, we all have it, let’s share it!

Sci-Fi Lampoon – This quarterly magazine features some of the most irreverent science fiction and fantasy you’ll ever read. I promise you’ll be offended once you stop laughing.

Sci-Fi Lampoon Submission Guidelines – Send us your best fantasy, sci-fi, and horror themed humor. Foul language and sexuality are OK if they’re part of the story, but nothing too explicit-we aren’t looking for gore or erotica-it’s a humor rag, not a smut mag, so if it’s funny, it’s all good! Please, no fanfic.

As I noted last week, to writers and creators these awards mean more than you could know. They are a vote of confidence in the middle of the most desolate time of the year. So, please, take a minute, vote for each entry, and realize you’re a better human than you give yourself credit for.

Until next week, enjoy this AI version of McSciFi as you stay safe and sane.

Bill McSciFi