Thanks to those who reached out to Kim and I during our fun run with COVID. In case you’re thinking of giving COVID a shot, I’d strongly advise you try something else. Maybe having an appendectomy performed by a meth addict. Something safe and sanitary like that would be far better than COVID. Even vaxxed to the max I barely avoided being hospitalized. And my wife, who was eligible for Paxlovid, was able to avoid the worst symptoms and still cursed the dawns. So, yeah, if anyone offers you free COVID, just say no.

Nevertheless, I managed to be productive during the down time. After a few meetings it has been decided I should write the script for The Brittle Riders. Once done it will be presented to a professional screenwriter for finishing but, as things stand, it’s a saner idea to have me do it and ensure all the little parts get saved.

Above and beyond the script, Azoth Khem has commissioned a sizzle reel. Since sizzle reels created to impress possible financiers use existing footage, and there is nothing like The Brittle Riders in the known cinematic universe, we had to get creative. To that end we spoke with several companies that do this type of work and one was able to come back with a viable way to make it work. So, that’s the one we’re working with. Once it’s done I’ll share. But there’s a ton of work needed before then. Nancy, owner of Azoth Khem, and I have spent a week creating a script for the reel. Essentially, we have to be able to sum up an entirely unique universe in under two minutes. While not as painful as COVID, it’s still not fun.

Additionally, we are creating a pitch deck. This is a selection of images and text designed to give possible investors and production companies a solid idea of what to expect. Since this universe is unique, we have commissioned an artist to create the characters and used AI to bring some of the locations to life. The combination isn’t going to be perfect. But, added to the script and the reel, it will give us a pretty impressive package.

That’s what she says!

Anyway, we have a solid crew working with us now and they seem to think this can get made. Yes, they expect to make money if it does, and I’m fine with that. Right now we own one hundred percent of nothing. Owning eighty percent of something that makes everybody financially stable seems like a good idea to me.

Until next time, stay safe, sane, and try not to catch a nasty disease.

Bill McSciFi