Do you remember when, two weeks ago, I told you the tone reel for The Brittle Riders was 100% complete, no fooling? Yeah, it turns out I was fooling. After I published it I got a few messages from music producers I used to work with and they all had the same suggestion. So, I passed it along to the nice people at Fredits and the result was better. Naturally, that gave me an idea, which I also passed along, and then, finally and irrevocably, it was done.

That means, when you click THIS LINK you’ll be able to wallow in the batshit crazy universe I created without fear of it changing. Please remember that “tone reels” are industry oriented shorts that use footage from other sources to create a single feel, or tone, so that investors and others will grasp what we’re trying to create. And this particular tone reel has graphic violence and brief nudity.

All that being said, watch it on a large screen with good sound. We put a lot of work into this. Enjoy it in the manner intended.

In other news, I’m finally putting on pants and going to appear in public. I will be appearing at a few libraries this summer and then at WindyCon this November. The last time I attended was 2019. It was a successful venture and I found rabid fans of some of my comics who waited to meet me rather than buying stuff the traditional way. As the cool kids like to say, “That’s inspiring.”

I’m looking to add some more dates to my calendar, but the pandemic took its toll on cons. Three of my favorites are gone completely. Others are so scaled down it’s not even worth thinking about going. And, while Desiree Duffy has built a virtual duchy with her semi-annual Books that Make You cyber conventions, very few of the cyber-cons that sprung up in 2020 have survived.

To be honest, I had assumed hybrid conventions would sprout up to take advantage of guests who lived considerable distances away from convention sites and allow non-local visitors to enjoy the proceedings. For whatever reasons, while there have been some attempts by larger cons, most have just said “the hell with it” and went back to how things have always been done or simply shut down and took up new hobbies.

Lastly, the notoriously “BOOBTASTIC” Legends Parallel issue four, Within the Otherwhere, is complete and being packaged for sale to wonderful consumers like you … and you …. and, most certainly, YOU!

Until next time, stay safe and sane. I like having you around.

Bill McSciFi
Bill McSciFi