I used to work for a record company and every time something bad was about to happen to an artist that would magically enrich the company, the president would say MAG-nifi-CENT. I didn’t stay long. I worked for another company where the president would constantly say we needed to work on our “kung fu” even though no one in the office studied any martial arts. He also used to say completed projects were baked. I doubt he could find a kitchen, let alone use a stove, but here we are.

I share these bon mots for no particular reason other than, like those jobs, I’m about to put something in my rear view mirror. Specifically, all of the parts of The Brittle Riders investment package. And, since you’ve been along for the entire ride, I’m going to share the final products with you.

The first two files, the script and the pitch book, are PDFs. If you have Chrome as your browser they will simply open up. Otherwise you may have to download them and view them later.

First, I give you THE SCRIPT! Admit it, you heard a fanfare when you read that. Encompassing the first third of BOOK ONE of the trilogy, it introduces viewers to the world The Brittle Riders inhabit, the denizens of the plains they call home, and sets up the conflict that will permeate the series should this all come to fruition.

If nothing else, it will make some people queasy. I guess I’ll take what I can get.

Second up is the PITCH BOOK. Think of this as a power point presentation to encourage people to read the script. It’s a collection of images and brief synopsis of various scenes. The images are of the titular characters as well as others who live in this world. They also include glimpses of what Anapsida, home of all that is evil, might look like. It’s a combination of original art mixed with some AI, all properly credited, to help immerse neophytes into the workings of my squishy brain.


Whew. Do us all a favor, watch it on a big screen with good sound.

THIS IS NOT ORIGINAL FOOTAGE IN ANY WAY. And we don’t own any of it.

Some background: tone reels are industry oriented shorts that use footage from other sources to create a single feel, or tone, so that investors and others will grasp what we’re trying to create. And, let’s be honest, The Brittle Riders is not easy to match with anything out there.

I began to understand how hard getting this done would be when the third company that does these things turned me down. Oh, sure, they wished me luck too, but they still turned me down.

Freddy Noriega, owner of Fredits, not only accepted, he nailed it.

WARNING: Contains graphic violence and brief chimeric nudity.

Honestly, I feel as though Sisyphus finally cleared the mountain top. This has been a labor of love, to be sure, but a labor nonetheless. And, without the help of people like you who critiqued everything and suggested stuff I’d missed, I’m not sure any of this would have gotten done at all. Certainly not as well as it has.

To those of you who actively helped me, I owe you thanks and a drink or two. To everyone else, I am grateful for your continuing support. Until next time, stay safe and sane.

Bill McSciFi
Bill McSciFi