If you’ll indulge me for a moment, I’m going to start with the McAwesome section of this week’s newsletter. Through a series of fun coincidences, The Brittle Riders has been whipping up some global attention. The big mama-jama comes from Kirkus Reviews. Along with their admonition that readers should “GET IT” they also noted that the book is “Densely packed, SF-tinged high fantasy that mildly satirizes the genre.” Kirkus has been the review standard since 1933, so they have a ton of cache in the market. More importantly, they are the source that libraries and stores look to when they’re buying stock. Plan on seeing Azoth Khem spreading the Gospel of Kirkus far and wide.

Also, this week kicked off the Love Book Tour which features numerous people reading the entire trilogy and then discussing it online. You can read the first review when you click here. If you click, and you really should, you’ll be treated to a fun review from someone who bought in to the whole story and never looked back.


Ever since I did the interview with Smarter Cherry, which initially aired in Calcutta, I have been getting odd, if fun, messages from new fans in India. And, should you be so inclined, you can visit my Indian Amazon page. I wouldn’t order from there. The shipping will bankrupt you.

Anyway, we decided to test the waters and see if we’d stumbled into a legit new market. We started by working with an Indian based company, Readers Judge, to see if there was an appetite for McSciFi. As it turns out, there is. Part of the deal is getting newcomers to read and discuss each book in the trilogy. And, boy are they ever doing that. Reviews have been popping up all over the Internet. If you click here you can read a fun one.

Now, on to the McRare stuff.

©WATCH DOG ENTERTAINMENT®LLC is repositioning SPLICE: HIT BIT TECHNOLOGY in the marketplace. That means the original printing is over. More importantly to you, I have five copies left. If you want one, autographed upon request, just click here and place your order.

Once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.

Obviously, I hope SPLICE:HIT BIT TECHNOLOGY is back on the market sooner rather than later and finds the audience it so richly deserves. Also, and this is me being selfish, the sequel, C.C. HONEY: HIT BIT TECHNOLOGY, is already outlined on my computer. Keep in mind, it’s not my story to tell. ©WATCH DOG ENTERTAINMENT®LLC owns the rights to all the characters. I would get in beaucoup amounts of trouble if I did anything with them. And, I’d rather not have that happen. Everyone at ©WATCH DOG ENTERTAINMENT®LLC has been a pleasure to work with so screwing that relationship up benefits no one.

(SPLICE is) “Brutal and deft, a secret ace up the sleeve for all fans of military thrillers, effortless to read, and fascinating to witness. Highly recommended.”
– Rik Ty

I think that’s enough for one day. Click the links, impress your friends, and stay safe and sane. See you next missive.

Bill McSciFi
Bill McSciFi