Today’s a nice day to kick back, pop open a cold one, and let you take a careful peek inside my multiverse. For the most part, I’m just like you. I love my significant other, enjoy paint peeling hot sauces, try to turn any conversation into a zombie fueled musical, have sky-dived naked, been arrested for public indecency, and punched a Nazi (those are three separate events), own at least one item of clothing that isn’t black (my wife insists on this one), wrote and sang odd love songs, and did other things that have unclear statutes of limitations that make law enforcement itch no matter what. You know, normal people stuff.

And, as a self-proclaimed normal people, I interact with other normal people and we discuss normal people bits and bobs that all normal people experience and discuss. To be honest, I’m so normal I make Barney Fife look cutting edge.

Which is why I’m going to share, with you – and only you, this little vignette of a Day in the Life of McSciFi.

I had to go in for a simple medical procedure. Since I smoked for almost fifty years, did coke for twenty, and so on and so on, making sure I’m not dying or something seemed wise. Especially since my wife insists I keep living.

That said, the med tech looked familiar. So I asked her if she happened to be friends with another nice lady who also provides me health care. As it turned out, she is. Then I asked if she had ever cosplayed as a succubus.

Quick side note. There was once a Halloween party where costume choices were apparently more difficult than they needed to be, and I suggested this nice human should go as one of the succubi from The Brittle Riders. No, I never thought, not for a minute, she’d do it.

Not only did she go full succubus, five of her friends joined her.

Anyway, the second lady actually had done this perfectly normal thing with the first lady and they’d both had fun. Tequila was involved.

Possibly copious amounts.

The second nice lady quickly realized who I had to be, and also realized I must have seen pics of her topless while she was wearing little more than bat wings. For the record, I have seen the pics but was not given them. Which makes me sad, since I can’t share them, but makes me happy, since everyone gets to keep their jobs.

All that being said, I should like to add you can always feel free to send me pics of you cosplaying any of my characters. You need not be unclothed.

Moving on.

I told her she looked good that way (she truly did) and we both had a laugh at the whimsy of the universe. Eventually, she said after all this she’d probably have to buy my book.

One sale at a time, that’s how I roll.

I feel it’s salient to note that, unrelated to anything in The Brittle Riders universe, Legends Parallel, Issue #4, is being printed as I type and will be presented at the New York Comic Con this October. That is part of a larger Hadithi Sambamba promotion plan that will see their titles, including the ones I wrote, represented at multiple conventions on the East Coast.

As the second pic below shows, Legends Parallel has fun fans too.

I should note that Leslie Tejlor, the artist behind Legends Parallel who created Sabrina’s avatar below, likes to draw sexy avatars of Legends Parallel fans, like he did with Sabrina. In other words, buy some Legends Parallel gear, or get hard copies of the comic, and send in your pics celebrating same (clad or not, depending on your preferences) to see if Leslie can make you a cartoon god or goddess, as it applies to you.

To be clear, unrelated nudes aren’t required or appreciated.

Until next time, stay safe and sane.

Bill McSciFi
Bill McSciFi
Bill McSciFi