Okay, right out of the box, I have a treat for you. The second issue of Marcie’s Marvels is out and newsletter subscribers can read it for free. Marcie is a super powered teen who fights the exploitation and bullying of teens where ever she can. Marcie’s Marvels is based on the life of a young girl named Marcie who killed herself after suffering endless bullying. Her mother decided to use her daughter’s tragedy to provide hope to others. With that in mind she started the MJG Movement as a Children’s Advocacy organization dedicated to serving as a resource for children and families that are victims of sexual abuse and suicide.

You can read Issue #1 for free if you missed it when it came out. This is one of those rare projects that come across a creator’s desk where they just have to be involved.

While not intentional, writing comics has really added to my toolbox. If I want a scene to look or feel a certain way I have to describe it in excruciating detail so the artist knows what to draw. In a novel, I can say “It’s a red room with one blue wall” and readers can fill in the rest. Actions that take place there will further describe it to readers without my having to say much more. Are they eating in this room? Is there an entertainment being watched? Are they playing games, having sex, clipping coupons? All of these things can enhance the readers understanding of the room. Basically, context clues are king.

In a film script, there is no such thing as too much detail unless the writer is also the director. When I first was preparing to shop my script for The Brittle Riders I did a table read with two filmmakers. One thought I’d put too many descriptors in, but the second said, “What are the odds anything you’d shoot would look even a little like what’s in these notes? I need everyone of these to make my brain understand.” The latter opinion has held sway on my journey. Take that however you wish.

In other comic related news, Hadithi Sambamba Comix has a couple new titles in the pipeline that, miracle of miracles, aren’t being written by me. Trust me, this is good news. Success isn’t pie, so there’s some for everyone. Plus, it’ll be nice to cross-promote with other creators who are invested in the success of their titles.

They also have a cool, digital only, store a couple of bucks gets you a shiny new comic to read. As in, it gets delivered to your email, so you can have it forever. You can share with your friends, impress your enemies, and hopefully enjoy them.

That’s enough for today. If you’re in one of those places being hammered by the weather, like we are here in Chicago, stay inside as much as you can. If you must venture outside, be extra careful, and well insulated, otherwise.

Until next week, thanks for tagging along.

Bill McSciFi
Bill McSciFi
Bill McSciFi