First off, thanks to the tech support at Morphy Mail for fixing my newsletter link nightmare.

Now, to the important stuff.

This is going to rock. I will be selling, and signing, books at Thornton Distilling Company along with Steve SilverJiba Molei Anderson and forty other creators. The whole affair is being sponsored by The Rock Shop 60430, so you know there’ll be some high quality stuff for you to peruse. The other creators will feature a mix of authors, poets, and musicians, all of whom are kind of rock oriented.

Admit it, you know I rock.


MOM! The internet’s being mean to me.

Admission is free, but there’s a cash bar and critically acclaimed food for you to purchase. I’ll have copies of The Brittle Riders trilogy, book one of Goptri of the Mists, Stuff About Things (the gateway drug to McSciFi), and the last copies anywhere on Earth of SPLICE: HIT BIT TECHNOLOGY. I’ll also have copies all my¬†comics.

Hope to see you there.

In other news, while no one’s showed up at my casa with buckets of cash and an offer of a free weekend in Dubai, things have pushed me to the edge of cautiously optimistic. When you submit to production companies or investors, if “no” is their answer you’ll get it pretty quick. For example, Netflix turned me down in less than a week claiming The Brittle Riders would cost too much to make. They did note, if I got outside financing, they’d be willing to revisit the issue. Don’t get me wrong, I was pleased I got a personal response. Most people just get a form email.

However, the average time for a response averages around eight weeks. That amount has passed for three companies and two of those have requested additional materials. So they got a link to the Pitch Book and Tone Reel. Both are “R” rated, but both have been lauded as some of the best promo materials industry professionals have seen. In other words, I’m comfortable betting on them to swing things in my favor.

I write these newsletters a day in advance, just so I’m not rushed. One hour after I saved it I got a rejection from the company who had not requested additional materials. It came down to budget issues for them but they included a note saying, “We really enjoyed this story. If it’s not funded in a year, please reach back to us.”

There are worse things in life.

Feel free to click on the promo links when your boss isn’t around, or you’re not in a place of worship. You get the idea.

I also, recently, appeared on Briggs on Books, as part of Central Valley Talk. It’s a vidcast dedicated to indy authors and creators. It was fun to do and is only ten minutes long, so you can easily slip it in to your busy day. BONUS? It has a shout out to Margot Robbie. You don’t get that every day here in McSciFi-Land (still the world’s weirdest amusement park).

Well, that’s enough blathering for now. Until next time, stay safe, sane, and secure.

Bill McSciFi
Bill McSciFi