Here in Illinois, and a few other states, it’s an election day wherein concerned citizens take the time to vote for their favorite candidate to represent them in the general election. Some people, like me, take advantage of early voting options and avoid the crowds. I am not a fan of crowds.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. I recently appeared at the Kankakee Fantasy Con and had a blast. One guy, pictured below, drove three and a half hours to satisfy his McSciFi jones. His name is Scott, and he’s single ladies. It was a great way to start a con that had been on a four year hiatus. The staff was friendly, the crowd curious, sales were steady, and my mailing list grew.


Now, for the fun stuff. This year the Ringo Awards are allowing anyone to nominate their favorite comics. If you read my suggestions below and wonder why I don’t list Legends Parallel for best series, it’s because Marc Alan Fishman, the guy I’m asking you to vote for, made sure I was aware of this so I could take advantage of this opportunity. Support those who support you is an easy motto for me to live by.

So, please go to Ringo Awards dot Com, before March 31, 2024, and cast a vote in each of the following categories.

Best Cartoonist
Jiba Molei Anderson – The Horsemen

Best Writer
Bill McCormick – Bob: Sins of the Son

Best Letterer
Lex Aleman – Bob: Sins of the Son

Best Continuing or Limited series
The Samurnauts – Marc Alan Fishman

Best Original Graphic Novel
Blooms: Heist on the Magical Girl Vault – Marc Alan Fishman

Best Web Comic
Our Little Universe – Zee Bee

Fans of this newsletter remember Jiba from the amazing work he’s done on The Horsemen these last twenty years and have cheered his success at getting his story picked up by, animation legends, Roc Bottom Studios. Marc’s books are family friendly. He’s the father of seventeen kids at my last count. Maybe more, maybe less. It doesn’t matter. I can say for sure he has more than two. Zee Bee is my favorite  Jamaican/Panamanian lesbian. And, yes, I have several options in that seemingly niche category. Her “Our Little Universe” series has been exploring Sapphic love for years and has a wonderfully dedicated following. It, like her, is cute as the dickens.

For those of you who haven’t read Bob: Sins of the Son yet, I feel sorry for you. Here’s what Thomas Ryan, owner of Vivid Panel Comics had to say.

Reading this comic feels like turning pages in Bill’s mind; Images barely coming together but supported by one of the best indie stories I’ve read this year.

The combination makes it IMPOSSIBLE to put down. It has an outstanding premise, keeps you guessing, and although the ending is satisfying, it leaves a little nagging bit of curiosity about the cast and the world the story takes place in.

It’s execution is play book, but its perspective was one I cannot recall seeing before. Bill should be proud. He put a great title into the world.

This is probably the only comic you’ll ever read that has a re-imagined Pater Noster (Lord’s Prayer) and a protagonist who is the son of Death with a disapproving father and a judgmental sister. Where did Death’s kids come from? That’s actually the least interesting thing you’ll learn in the book.

Click one of these to get your digital or autographed copy. Of course nothing’s stopping you from getting both.

For those of you who asked about the nice Japanese man and his questions about The Brittle Riders, I can say this much, he has a wicked sense of humor, thinks limits are for idiots, and is trying very hard to wrap his head around the world I created. It seems to both fascinate and repel him simultaneously. He’s not the first one I’ve had that effect on.

Until next week, stay safe and sane.

Bill McSciFi
Bill McSciFi
Bill McSciFi