Warning! This newsletter contains some naughty words.

Two weeks ago I shared how Marcie’s Marvels was going to be considered for development. That was to include possible streaming versions, new comics, and anything else smart people could conceive. Those discussions happened. The good news is that all involved love the project. The combination of philanthropy, empathy, and a great story make an enticing package. That said, there are only two issues of the series available. You can read them for free via the previous link. So, we’re all working on developing the story, adding some heft to the package, and trying to create the most marketable version we can. I have to admit, having people not named me pulling some weight is refreshing. 

In other comic news, the nice people, and they really are nice, over at Hadithi Sambamba Comix are upping their game and adding some new titles. That includes adding new issues of Legends Parallel, the granddaddy of them all. Speaking of Legends Parallel, a film script created for it has been accepted by four production companies for consideration. That DOES NOT mean people are cutting checks. But it does mean they’re not adverse to doing so.

Baby steps.

I should note that our West Coast distribution partner, Nerdantix is adding card games featuring characters from indie titles, like Legends Parallel, that you can play, guilt free, at home. That’s right, you can pretend to be Phystee Nicole Brown cosplaying as Oshun without being layered in guilt by your family.

You know you want to.

Speaking of film scripts, based on critiques received on The Brittle Riders pilot script that has been reviewed by multiple production companies we’ve, a/ka/ I’ve, been making some changes. A basic overview gives us this; (1) the story rocks, (2) the characters are fascinating, & (3) what the hell are you smoking? But it also gave us this, (1) the script is a gloss of the book and should provide more, & (2) it’s kind of mainstream, which the books are not.

Valid criticisms all.

So, thanks to the internet and tequla, I dove under the hood and tried to make this better.

Thanks to the gods of Agave, google it, it seems I did.

Here are the comments from beta readers who have finished The Brittle Riders Begins (film script).

** I want to see this.????
** Motherfucking make this thing!!!!!!!??
** oh my fucking god (I think that was a compliment)
** I want this to haunt my dreamsĀ ??????
** … and, when this gets made, I’m taking the entire office to opening night and telling them I know this motherfucker!

They also pointed out a typo, a possible logical inconsistency, corrected by fixing lazy grammar, and gave suggestions to enhance a couple of scenes.

The reviews are still coming in, but I’m finding them helpful and flattering.

So, where does this leave us? In a better place than 99% of the people who yell on the interwebs. That stipulated, no one has pulled the trigger. My wife is not laden with pearls, nor has she been forced to clog the faucet dripping gold. Nevertheless, every day brings us closer to pulling that trigger, unclogging that faucet, and making something happen.

Stay safe, sane, and out of jail.

I set the bar low.

Bill McSciFi
Bill McSciFi
Bill McSciFi