As a writer I feel I’m more of a commentator on the world we live in than a dystopian fantasist. Because, really, how can I get any weirder than our former president who just praised the late, great, Hannibal Lecter. The problem here is threefold; (1) Hannibal Lecter isn’t real, (2) Anthony Hopkins, the actor who portrayed him, is alive, and (3) eating people is wrong. Or, at least, it used to be.

Moving on, I had a blast at the Flossmoor Public LIbrary Author Fest. I did a reading from Book III of The Brittle Riders and was incredibly well received. The scene involves a character who no longer wants to celebrate war. He’s been in battles, carried dead friends off the field, and wants to put it all behind him. He’s kept all of this inside him for years. Finally, at his wife’s behest, he lets it all out. At the end she says, “You deserve a better wife than me.” That line got an audible gasp from the crowd. That’s all an author can ask.

People were interested in the stuff that doesn’t really get any pub in my newsletters. That’s on me. I’ve been hyper focused on the cinematic stuff. Which is cool, but there’s other stuff that’s worth your coin.

Stuff About Things is one such book. As Azoth Khem Publishing notes, “The squishy brain of Bill “McSciFi” McCormick has been responsible for many words. Some of them coherent. What you are looking at is a compendium of short stories, fun looks at history, and the greatest rejection letter ever penned. It was so great it started his career.” My wife calls it the “Gateway drug to McSciFi.” This book was difficult to get out. Every time we’d assemble something I would sell one of the stories. I know, I know, first world problems. Still and all, it’s a great collection and I am deeply proud of it. And, since much of it was written with radio in mind, back when I was a guest on The Big Wakeup Call, it’s family friendly.

Alokia: The Kaiju Hunter. She is the last of her kind. Any hope of aid is long buried. Those she thought allies had betrayed her and it seemed the galaxy was hunting her to finish the job. But, thanks to the help of a drunken monkey king, hope may yet dawn over the distant horizon. I wrote this specifically for tweens. And, by golly, they do seem to love it when they discover it. It also is a great read for any kaiju fans in the audience.

Bob: Sins of the Son. Sure, your dad is Death and your mom was some twisted chick who had a thing for death, literally, and your sister is one of those peeps who likes rules. Does any of that mean you get to be a superhero? Or kill anyone who pisses you off? Maybe it does. And maybe it should. The sins of this son are the stuff of legend. This is solidly in the teen camp when it comes to readers. It has a couple of naughty words, and some themes might elude younger readers, but it’s a great story with amazing film noir styled art.

Once again, I apologize for sending out the faux Asian mess of a newsletter last Tuesday. Even my Asian fans were baffled by it. One likened it to reading soup. Bill McSciFi
Bill McSciFi
Bill McSciFi