Nothing’s Keeping McSciFi Down!

Strap it in kiddies, you and I’ve suddenly got a ton of stuff to share. As you may have heard, there’s this thing called COVID-19 which is rudely traversing the globe and killing people without their permission. It’s even been so mean as to infect people who don’t believe in it. 

That said, it’s also put a crimp in my appearance schedule. I was planning on cutting back, a little, but not so much that I ended up living in a room surrounded by cartons of my own creations. Which is kind of where I’m at right now. I tend to do well at conventions so stocking up when I could seemed prudent. Of course, way back in those innocent times, the world was a hair more sane. Not much, but still …

Anyway, this weekend, March 28 & 29, I will be appearing, virtually, at two separate conventions. Each has a slightly different focus and different methods of presentation. The first, CON FROM HOME, is set up a like a traditional con. There are vendor booths you can peruse and presentations you can attend. Your mouse is your gateway to all the fun. Hover and click, baby, just hover and click.

The second convention, Stay Home Comic Con, is based in the Netherlands and is aimed at commercial buyers, such as licensors and distributors, as well as you and your friends. I will be live streaming on Sunday Morning at 9:00 AM (CDT) and discussing common writing mistakes. Since my Facebook page is public, and I’ll be using that for the root stream, all you need do is click THIS LINK Sunday morning (feel free to bookmark it now if you wish), and follow along. You need not be my Facebook friend to enjoy everything. While I won’t be able to see people, I can interact with everyone who types in a message. So you can be as naked as you want to be and I’ll never know.

Actually, that applies most of the time now that I think about it.

One fun thing, that you can check out now, is that I was required to update my Instagram page so it has a big old ad for all things McSciFi. They will be using it as part of their promotions and the panels I put up are really kind of cool. 

All sales will be the cost of the book (or books) plus shipping. The deal is I have to ship anywhere in the world, and I will be doing that. I have basic postal rates for the planet and will let people know what they’re in for before I take their money. And, since everything’s here, it can be autographed upon request.

Even if you’re not buying anything, I’d love if you dropped by and said hi at one of them.

More below.

Since I have fans who are raging masochists, and I think all writers should follow my lead in this regard, there are people on this Earth who thought The Brittle Riders trilogy should be compiled in one giant omnibus edition. Because nothing says “I love you” like the gift of 1200 pages of dystopian fun. Seriously. There’s nothing like it. 

Thanks to them, and may God love each and every one, it exists. All you need do is CLICK HERE to get your digital mitts on it. Paperback should be available next week. 

One quick note; if you’ve read the original trilogy, this is different. It’s formatted as a single story, has had gorgeous bio-hazard graphics added where there used to be story breaks, and has been completely typeset differently. It is, as it was meant to be, a completely linear read. I don’t know what they’re going to charge for the paperback but I can promise you it’ll be $5.00 too little. Seriously, I have to give props to Azoth Khem, this thing looks amazing!

A brilliant man hosted a party. It was such a good party that it culminated in the death of all humanity. That story is boring and oft-told. This is not that story. This is the story of what happened next. The Brittle Riders, apocalypses are funny that way.

Just a little bit more below

A few updates on the projects I have forthcoming.

SPLICE is finishing up at the editor’s and will be available for beta reads. If you’d like to be a beta-reader, just email and I’ll hook you up. As always, beta reads need to be done kind of quickly. If you’re looking for a summer read this isn’t it. We need to know what needs to be fixed before it gets published. All beta copies will be in PDF format.

GOPTRI OF THE MISTS: KITAAB EK is close to being completely formatted. While I joke that this is the musical answer to the question no one asked, “What would happen if The Brittle Riders was set in India?” it’s really a stand alone series. Although set in the same universe, it has all new characters, a villain you’re really going to hate, and a wedding scene that made all nine beta readers fall in love again. It also has sex squids and sweetbreads. All I can promise you is that it’s different than what you’re expecting. Make sure to BOOKMARK AZOTH KHEM so you can follow along as things develop.

ENVY, the first of the Seven Deadly Sins series I’m doing for New Wave Comics, is finally out of development hell and headed for a Kickstarter as well as a life outside my mind. In case you missed it when I first wrote about it, this series of comics will be aimed at teens, contain morality stories, and still be rip-roaring fun. It’ll have demons, angels, kids who are smarter than both, and so on. Quite honestly, I had a blast creating it.

JARHEAD, my USMC themed masterpiece steeped in the mysticism of the afterlife, just trust me on this, is being colored and lettered as I type. I will be presenting samples of this title this weekend to give people a taste of what’s coming. It will be the flagship title for Breaking Chains Comics. If you can’t wait, just click the company link to see a few pages. I won’t hold it against you.

I think that’s enough for now. As always, thank you for following along. Your support means the world to me.

See you next week!