Welcome One & Welcome All!

To everyone who joined my email list by signing up for LA Book Fest, thank you and welcome. If, heaven forbid, you’re not thrilled to be here, you can unsubscribe via the link at the bottom.

Thanks to Desiree Duffy, the creator of LA Book Fest, I already know all you new beings, who species identify as human, are wonderful, kind to kittens, and smell good. I guess that means I need to let you know about me. For those of you who’ve been here for a few years, this is going to be like a Greatest Hits email. 

My name is Bill “McSciFi” McCormick. I got the nickname when Amazon screwed up my author account so bad there was a period of time when it appeared I was a country music singing tennis instructor. As you get to know me you’ll realize not much could be further from the truth. 

If you want to read the whole, sordid, tale just CLICK HERE and enjoy. A quick head’s up; it has “naughty” words and mentions porn.

Long story short, as you may have guessed, I write sci-fi. I aim for hard sci-fi but am not above messing with people’s minds from time to time. But, because I aim for it, I’m constantly picking the brains of exceptionally smart people, researching the snot out of topics, all so I can get emails saying “That’s not possible, it said so on You Tube.”

Then I go drink vodka, lots and lots of vodka, and try again.

Above and beyond my sci-fi stuff, I write a nonfiction blog at World News Center which forms the basis for my weekly guest appearance on The Big Wakeup Call with Ryan Gatenby on WBIG-1280 AM. That’s a free wheeling look at pop culture, science, and a comprehensive compendium of all things related to not drinking bleach.

Please, please, don’t drink bleach.

Lastly, I’m the assistant editor of ICC Magazine, which is part of the Independent Creator’s Connection. It’s a, nationally distributed (by Diamond), magazine dedicated to indie authors, creators, artists, cosplayers, and anyone else who is part of the indie community. If you want to be cooler than your friends, feel free to respond to this email to find out if I’ll write an article about you. It’s kind of what they pay me to do, so I’d be happy to work with you.

In general, the people who follow me, and claim to be fans, are all pretty fun. I wrote a humorous look at a future dystopia, which you can hear me read a sample by CLICKING HERE. The kind of people attracted to that are bound to be amazing.

Bonus, they don’t just buy my books, they do some fun stuff. For example, when a group of English fans found out I’d opened an online merchandise outlet in the UK, they posted THIS TWEET less than an hour later. I can promise you it’s the second cutest thing you’ll ever see on the internet.

The cutest thing you’ll ever see on the internet is this pic.

More below.

Yeah, her mom’s starting her on the right path early. I heartily approve.

If you’re not sure if McSciFi is right for you, I’ve set up a permanent blog page with free short stories, interviews, and nonfiction articles. There’s a lot of stuff there, so feel free to bookmark it and circle back when you have some time.

Lastly, if you’re intrigued, check out my web site for a complete list of novels, comics, and graphic novels I’ve written as well as anthologies I’ve appeared in. There’s a bunch. The good news is I don’t self publish, so any mistakes you find are someone else’s fault.

That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

Thanks for playing in my squishy brain. Please, stay safe, sane, and inside.

I’ll see you next week with all the cool updates on the movie, new novel, and so on.