Welcome New Peeps.

Since the last few weeks have seen a dramatic rise in the number of people reading my scribblings, I have to remind myself that not everyone has a clue what the hell I’m babbling about. Take the bizarre title of today’s happy e-blast. Back in December of 2018, I accidentally received two, women’s, Bill McSciFi T-shirts that did not fit my girlfriend. My choices were simple; either get a girlfriend who could wear them, or do something stupid. After a considerable amount of prayer and self reflection, I decided to do something stupid. 

And, boy oh boy, did I do something stupid. I held a month-long event called McSciFi’s McStupid McContest. Anyone who was on my mailing list was automatically entered. Just in case others might want to join the fun I added the contest to sites like Contest Chest, that’s where you can win all expense paid trips to Utah or time shares in Tulsa, and sat back to listen as the crickets ignored me. Instead, almost a thousand people entered, most are still around, and the shirts, along with some autographed comics, were duly delivered to ecstatic beings whom, publicly anyway, species identify as human. 

After the prizes were delivered one unlucky loser went on an epic Twitter rant about how she would have posted nudes of herself reading the comics and pics of her wearing nothing but the shirt. While that level of enthusiasm is appreciated, it wasn’t required then and isn’t appropriate now.

Which brings us up to date.

Now, thanks to an honest mistake by Spreadshirt, I now have two children’s face-masks that I need to do something with., So here’s the deal. 

  1. You will need a child aged four to nine who lives somewhere in the continental United States.
  2. Said child has to be willing to be photographed wearing the mask (it hides a large amount of face, so don’t worry about them being recognized on the internet).
  3. You are responsible for sending me an adorable pic of the putative child wearing the mask so I can use it in an email blast and post on social media.
  4. The child’s identity will remain secret. Kids have enough problems.
  5. If the child isn’t yours, I will need the parent(s) or guardian(s) to sign off.
  6. Above and beyond the children’s mask, winners will also get a signed copy of Svarozic (which is rated T for Teens), an autographed copy of the limited edition manga print of Jungle Grrl (which is rated M for Mature), and autographed copies of the first three issues of Legends Parallel (also rated M for Mature).
  7. In other words, the comics are for the big kids and the masks are for the little ones.

All you need to do is send me an email at BillMcSciFi@gmail.com, with the name and address of the child. The first two entries I get win. Everyone else gets a warm email of appreciation.

More stuff below that requires no effort on your part.

I’ve been talking a lot about SPLICE. As the author of both the movie script, and the subsequent novel, I must admit I’m, not  only, deeply invested in the project but also quite proud of it. For the last eighteen months you’ve had to take my word on it unless you were one of the lucky beta readers.

However, that’s about to change.

This week, Azoth Khem is doing a soft launch. For those of you who don’t own small publishing companies, that means the book will be available, digitally only, for four weeks on Amazon. It’s a convenient way for them to get interested distributors, and other potential buyers, all the legal info without having to keep track of a zillion emails. For indie companies, it’s a great way to save time and pick up some extra sales while prepping for the real release. 

You can respond to this email letting me know you want to be the first kid on your block with it, and I’ll send you a link as soon as it’s live, or you can stalk Azoth Khem or me every minute of every day until the link is posted. 

It’s all up to you.

More below.

Several of you have written to inquire about my social media presence. I certainly have one. Feel free to click on any link to join the fun.

I do have a You Tube account, but I rarely use it. Putting up a bunch of videos of me chatting isn’t how I wish to invest my time. But, if you really need to see me speak, CLICK HERE and have fun.

A little more below.

Lastly, as much as I enjoy conventions, and as much as I enjoy making stupid amounts of money at them, I will not be attending any in the 2020 calendar year and, maybe, not for a while after that. I need to be convinced our government has the pandemic situation under control and I won’t bring home a disease that will kill my girlfriend.

Killing her seems, somehow, impolite.

If there’s any McSciFi stuff you need, just go to MY STORE and browse the racks. 

I’m truly sorry I won’t be mad pimping my stuff in public, but the safety of my family has to come first.

Until next week, stay safe, sane, and inside.