Building YouTube

Apparently, now that I have a publicist, I’m supposed to interact with people and be pleasant. Since there’s a raging pandemic killing people, that requires some different options.

Last Sunday I did a fun interview with Meredith Loughran at iNDEEvent. We talked about comics, creators, and cocaine. The whole interview is around fifteen minutes, so give it a watch when you can.

One thing I noticed was that authors who had active YouTube channels tended to have better traction than those who don’t. 

I have never messed with YouTube as an author, simply never saw the point. In other words, I have a YouTube channel, I just ignored it. Now, you may have noticed a theme with all I do, every social media account is found @BillMcSciFi. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Vimeo, Goodreads, are all @BillMcSciFi. It keeps things simple.

But, to make that a thing on YouTube I need to get one hundred people to subscribe to my channel. That’s where you come in. Just CLICK HERE, and then tap the big, red, subscribe button on the right hand side. 

To make all your hard work worth your time, I’ll start posting snippets, just a few minutes each, of me reading from my various books, stories, and ladling missives from fonts of floofy falderol every Thursday. I did a reading from The Brittle Riders at the last LA Book Fest and people seemed to like that.  

Apparently, I’m warm and engaging. 

Yeah, I was surprised too.

Anyway, please, CLICK HERE, tap the red button, and enjoy.

More to come.


Okay, let’s move on to everybody’s favorite new thriller, SPLICE: HIT BIT TECHNOLOGY. You can now get the paperback at Barnes and Noble and the Kindle at Amazon. Obviously, given what the country’s going through Barnes and Noble isn’t adding new stock. They’ve got months worth of stuff sitting around they need to sell first before they get to me. 

That said, they will happily send you your copy so you can read it in the safety of your own home or they can arrange for you to pick it up at a location near you. 

Now, I know some of you don’t have Amazon accounts so you can’t leave a review. If you read it and want the universe to know, you can always leave a review on my Good Reads page or on the Barnes and Noble page. All you need is a valid email address to post there.  

He is an enigma known only as Splice, a criminal mastermind with unlimited resources, cunning, and guile. A silent force who can make world leaders disappear in a miasma of blood and gore. But how did he get here? Where did he come from? The world may never know, but you will.

More below.

Finally, an update on the IBADAN COMIC CON in Nigeria. Due to lingering concerns about COVID-19, they are moving the dates to November 27th and 28th and the event will be strictly virtual. They tried working with authorities but it was finally decided that putting almost 20,000 people in a single building for two days was too great a risk to entertain. At least not until there’s a vaccine. 

I should also note that, despite public skepticism concerning the validity of the disease, officials in Nigeria have done a great job of testing and flattening the curve. So, we’ll support digitally for now and look forward to the day we can show up and shake hands with everyone.

In the meantime, here’s some comics you can check out now.

Hadithi Sambamba Comix
Free samples online. A man, his mom, and her lover have to save the multiverse. No one said this shit would be easy. The perfect series for those who think quantum physics isn’t sexy, or violent, enough. One story, five Earths, twelve issues. Art by Leslie Tejlor.

Dr. Strangefate Publishing /Hadithi Sambamba Comix
Set in the distant future, Hybrid Zero is the story of a human/alien fusion and her strange family. They live in an era where sexuality, in all its joyful panoply, is lauded and violence is taboo. This group of aristocratic soldiers must face down their own petty, in the grand scheme of things, problems and stop a trans-dimensional creature before it destroys the universe. Or not. You know how things can get sometimes.

Dr. Strangefate Publishing / Hadithi Sambamba Comix
In a far future the universe has taken many unusual turns. Genetic manipulation has led to many unforeseen consequences. One is, after Earth had been destroyed, a group of rich investors rebuilt it to be an amusement park like nothing you’ve ever seen. Complete with sex forests and dino clones. 

Dr. Strangefate Publishing / Hadithi Sambamba Comix
She’s a ninety-six year old dead chick whose spirit is in a new dimension where she’s now a young woman with mystical powers who lives with a chain smoking, hard drinking, MIT educated, prostitute who’s also a master craftsperson who creates all sorts of wonderful things to help keep Cassandra alive. Or whatever it is she is. 

Hadithi Sambamba Comix
Read for free online. Those meddlesome kids are all grown up. A savage satire featuring the work of the 2019 Glyph Nominated artist, Maku Tellez, this is the comic that will ruin your childhood and make your day. Scooby Dooby Don’t!

Hadithi Sambamba Comix
Read for free online. A woman trapped inside a man, a god trapped inside a human. Part of the Independent Creators Connection (ICC) ring anthology. Each character, created by different artists, has an elemental force controlled by a ring. They will try to stay alive as a dark menace hunts them down and tries and steal their powers. Art by SBRii.

Dren Productions, LLC
My take on The Oval Portrait has been included in a collection of sci-fi reimaginings of the works of Edgar Allan Poe featuring graphic artists who’ve worked on comics for Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man and many more. It’s a really cool project and I’m honored to be a part of it.

Until next week, stay safe, sane and inside.