As we enter day two hundred bleenity zorp of the two week shutdown we were promised, some of us are losing our freaking minds. I would be one of them. Fortunately, life has decided to dump some stuff in my lap that requires more attention than I put into my daily visits to Solitaire Paradise

Last week I mentioned I was going to be doing another Kickstarter. I haven’t done one in while and have added quite a few fantastic followers, just like you, since the last one. So I wasn’t surprised to get a slew of emails asking “What’s a Kickstarter?”

Kickstarter is a platform that allows fans to financially support their favorite creators, It’s kind of like investing in stocks but, instead of a percentage of company profits – if any, investors get specific rewards. Signed copies of comics, posters, brand related promotional items, and whatever else the creators can think of. 

The Kickstarter for CROSSTITCH ALPHA “THE 7” BOOK ONE: ENVY will be going live on October 15th, or in two days if you prefer. Investments can be as little as a dollar, just to show you care, all the way up to as much as your wallet can handle. 

This book is going to be great for teens, whether they’re active in their church community or not. The story’s exciting, the art’s eye popping, and the villains are spectacular. You can’t have a good story about human frailties without a spectacular villain. It’s in the rules.

Here is the complete press release for it. 

***New Wave Comics is proud to announce the October 15th, 2020 Kickstarter for their newest Majestic Studios release, CROSSTITCH ALPHA “THE 7.” This will be the debut of a seven-issue limited series. Book One: Envy was conceived by Clayton James, written by Bill “McSciFi” McCormick, and features art by David Jaxon.Clayton James began New Wave Comics, while still in college, in 1992. He, along with art director Patrick Robinson, began publishing spiritual comics having, at one point, twenty different creators contracted to them. Though the company eventually shuttered, there was continued interest in the titles. In 2017 Patrick suggested releasing a 25th Anniversary title, and New Wave was back in business. Their first new release, Terran Command Garrison, debuted at the Las Vegas Unicon in 2019.Bill “McSciFi” McCormick is an internationally renowned author who currently has four novels published, writes for seven different comic book series, and serves as the assistant editor for ICC Magazine. While his usual work skews to a more mature audience, he has worked with young adult concepts before and was excited to be a part of this. McCormick, a Sunday School teacher, will be bringing a progressive Christian take on the ubiquitous seven deadly sins. The series will be aimed at the young adult market and will be supported by magazine ads in relevant publications. Now he’ll have something he can show his students.David Jaxon, a/k/a The So Pro Artist, has done everything from XCT’s playing cards to comics. He worked on issues 1-4 of They Call Him Marvelous (JJ Comics), TriumphantArmed & Danger’Russ, and Wandering Monkey (15 Year Comics), XOB (Taurus Comics), and card art for Multiverse Infinity Wars. David’s bright colors and solid lines will make this comic gorgeous to look at as well as fun to read.Each of the seven deadly sins will have their own hero, distinct villain, and be set in different parts of the world. Book One: Envy is set in the Midwest amid corrupt teen beauty pageants. A fashion mogul named Mz. Thomas is no longer content to be rich and wants to be the envy of the world. Her desires draw the attention of the demon Leviathan, which sets off the rest of the story.

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SPLICE: HIT BIT TECHNOLOGIES debuted a new video ad, you can see it below or just click the link,  Using a voice program from Amazon’s Polly service, it provides a chilling overview of the story.

Now he is an enigma known only as Splice, a criminal mastermind with unlimited resources, cunning, and guile. A silent force who can make world leaders disappear in a miasma of blood and gore. But how did he get here? Where did he come from? The world may never know, but you will.

CLICK HERE to browse your purchase options.

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SPLICE: HIT BIT TECHNOLOGY on Azoth Khem Publishing.

Thanks to all of you my YouTube channel has been branded as I know it seems silly but I’ve learned a hard lesson as I have been slowly climbing into the public’s mind; make stuff easy for people to find or forever be ignored. There are people who can’t remember my real name, but can still find my stuff just by typing McSciFi into the Google box.

In advertising they call this being “on brand.” 

In my world it just means I can now tell people to watch McSciFi TV.

Here’s a brief sample.

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A selected reading from Hank and Eddy: Bro Wars, as found in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: The classic tale and an anthology of twists, retellings, and sequels 

Finally, I know times are tough and there are days where you feel like calling in dead to work, if you’re lucky enough to still be working. If it all feels like it’s too much, know there are resources all over the internet and, if you’re really desperate, there’s me. I have big, kind of goofy looking, ears that are all the better for listening to you. 

Until next week, stay safe, sane, and inside.