There’s a bunch of free stuff you can snag, and a limited time for you to do so.

August 14th is Free Comic Book Day. In honor of that the nice people over at ICC Magazine have decided to let anyone who knows anyone download issues #1 – #10 for free. Heck, you can even let that annoying pseudo-human at work know and they can get in on the fun too. Think of it as the olive branch you didn’t know you needed to extend.

Here’s how it works. First, you CLICK HERE to open the Indy Planet page for ICC Magazine. Then you scroll down a little and select all the issues you want. If you want the newer ones, and no one can blame you if you do, digital copies are only .99 ₵ . Seriously, there’s no way for you to go wrong here.

ICC Magazine is nationally distributed by Diamond and is America’s leading source for news on the indie creator scene. From legends in the game to the hottest new names, ICC Magazine covers them all.

Bonus? Anyone who asks, either by responding to this email or just sending an email to, will get free, digital, copies of the Legends Parallel graphic novel and Issue #1 of Hybrid Zero: Juggernaut. All copies will be sent on August 15th.

Thanks for letting me into your day. Please stay safe, sane, inside, and wear a mask everywhere else. See you next week!

Bill McSciFi